The Best Dating Apps For Single Parents, According to Actual Single Parents

Ask any single parent what the hardest part about dating is, and most will agree it's finding the time to date. With school events, extracurricular activities, and play dates, a lot of single parents tend to already be too preoccupied by their children's schedule to make any plans for themselves. But just because you're a single parent doesn't mean your love life has to take a backseat. Enter: single-parent dating apps.

Although most dating apps tend to get a bad rap, dating apps for single parents are different. These apps cater specifically to single parents who don't have the time and energy to waste on situationships or the general beige flags that come from basic dating apps.

For single parents wanting to find love without wasting their time or compromising their children's needs, here are the best single-parent dating apps, according to both experts and single parents themselves.

Experts Featured in This Article

Marissa Moore is a therapist, licensed professional counselor, and mental health consultant writer at Mentalyc.

Suzannah Weiss is a dating coach and resident sexologist for Biird, a female-led pleasure brand.

The Best Single-Parent Dating Apps

The best single-parent dating apps are the ones that are convenient, judgment-free, and straight to the point. Single parents don't want to hear about how their children are "dealbreakers." Instead, they want to be accepted. Below are a few of the best single-parent dating apps, recommended by experts and single parents themselves.

Facebook Dating

Although Facebook Dating isn't a dating app that's exclusive to single parents (anyone can join the app), many single parents have found success on it. "Facebook dating is my favorite because you can see your mutual friends, so you're usually able to find that person's Facebook and see a little more about them," says Nicole H., a single parent who met her boyfriend using Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating also connects you with other potential matches who are in similar Facebook groups as you, or who are interested in the same kind of events. "In my experience it's more mature people who are actually looking to make a connection with someone and get to know them," single parent Rachel K. adds. Join Facebook Dating here.


This dating app helps single parents connect with other single parents. According to the app, Stir is a place where you "don't have to apologize for having a crazy schedule" and where "having kids isn't a dealbreaker." The app asks a series of questions about your personality and values, and then uses those answers to identify your key matches.

David Bakke, a single parent who met someone on Stir after a one-week membership, says it's "hands down the best" dating app for single parents. "It's geared toward single parents, so, by default, you avoid a lot of the back and forth about being a single parent. We all know why we're there." He does, however, recommend paying for the membership. "You'll need to sign up for the paid membership if you want any decent results." Join Stir here.


Feeld is a great dating app option for single parents not looking for anything too serious. Although it's predominantly for people who are looking for casual sex or relationships, the users tend to "be conscious of matters such as consent, boundaries, and respect, and tend to be good communicators because the app is geared toward the non-monogamous and kink communities," Suzannah Weiss, a dating coach and resident sexologist for Biird, says. For this reason, single parents looking for something casual may find Feeld to be a judgment-free environment. Join Feeld here.


As the name suggests, SingleParentMeet is a great option for single parents to find and connect with other single parents. "You're more likely to find others who understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with raising children," says Marissa Moore, LPC, a therapist who recommends SingleParentMeet to her single-parent clients. "It's a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals who are also navigating the world of single parenthood."

The website allows users to sift through matches based on parenting compatibility, which takes into account how many kids someone has, what the custody is like, etc. Just note that because SingleParentMeet is a smaller dating app and a bit more niche, you may have issues matching with a wide-pool of individuals. Join SingleParentMeet here.

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