Chris and Nikki Hit the Waves For Their Surfing Engagement Shoot

This engagement session is so fun and summery, you'll want to run to the nearest beach after seeing it. Callie Riesling shot this couple's engagement shoot in San Diego, and it's the ultimate surfer love fest. Chris and Nikki live in the sunny Southern California city and have been together for seven years. Chris is a rock-climbing musician and Nikki is a yoga-loving free spirit, and they both share a passion for surfing and the environment. Callie tells us a little about the surf e-session:

"We wanted to stick with the characteristic Southern California beach style with a backdrop of beautiful cliffs and a very secluded area. Sunset Cliffs was a fabulous location for it. The beach is accessed by climbing down the cliffs . . . even having to use a rope at some points. It was totally worth the climb. There was only one other person on the entire beach. This session is something that I have had on my photo shoot bucket list since I started my business about five years ago. Everything was so fitting for Chris and Nikki's personalities."

Let's dive in! Photo by Callie Riesling Photography