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Dad's Slo-Mo Reaction to the Surprise Gender Reveal He Threw His Wife Is Absolutely Priceless

Mark Hoyle of LadBaby is no stranger to documenting both the big and little moments in his and his family's lives — but the latest big moment he filmed wasn't actually supposed to happen for another five weeks. In the dad's most recent video, he decides that five weeks is much too long to have to wait to find out the sex of his second child, which was already written inside an envelope sitting in his home. When the temptation became all too much, he switched on his camera as he began to plan and set up the reveal he'd surprise his wife with.

The king of hilarious ideas — for reference, this is the same dad who decided to buy his toddler son a tackle box when he needed a new lunchbox — Mark heads to the hardware store to get himself a leaf blower, and enlists the help of his friend Joe (whom his wife refers to as "crazy Joe") to fill it with either pink or blue powder.

"What is actually going on?" his wife asks as she steps into the backyard in a pink skirt suit Mark picked out for her, when he announces they're going to do their gender reveal. Rightfully confused, she tries to wrap her head around the scene in front of her: a leaf blower faced upward, propped up on a work table, her husband in a bright blue suit. "You gave our child's gender to your crazy mate Joe, and he has filled a power tool?!" she asks. "I arranged this for four or five weeks' time — I said you could know the gender, [but] not today!"

Despite her reserve, Mark convinces her to push the button that'll launch the powder out of the leaf blower, and both of their reactions — which are shown in slow motion — are absolutely priceless. Check out the video to see the whole thing unfold, and to find out what they're having.

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