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Husband Goes Out For Olives at 3 A.M. For Pregnant Wife

Just Try Not to Laugh at This Dad's Solution to His Pregnant Wife's 3 A.M. Olive Craving

One dad learned the hard way that when your pregnant partner is craving olives at 3 in the morning, you are required to drive around aimlessly searching for said olives — it's for the baby, dad. Luckily for us, Mark Hoyle films many of his "adventures" for his blog, LadBaby (including the time he was sent out to buy his son a lunchbox and went home with a toolbox), so we're all able to go on this hilarious early morning ride with him.

As soon as he wills himself into the car, Mark begins his journey, starting with a drive to Tesco, which he prays is open 24/7 (spoiler: it's not). Next, he tries a Shell gas station, a service station 20 minutes away that definitely has a Marks and Spencer with a fancy olive selection (it's closed, obviously), and a kebab shop. Along the way, he curses his wife's salty craving ("Of all the things to crave at 3 in the morning . . . I reckon olives is down there with lettuce"), wishing she'd asked for "something easy" like doughnuts or McDonald's ("Everyone loves a cheeky burger this time of night").

Then, after the kebab shop proves to be a fail, he really wracks his brain, knowing he can't go home without something for his wife — when genius (kinda) strikes. "Hold on, I know!" he says as he runs back into his car. "I reckon this is going to make me, like, husband of the week." We won't ruin it for you — watch the video above to find out what his "solution" turns out to be.

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