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Jessie James Decker Shows Off Pregnancy in Her Latest Video, and Moms Can't Get Enough

Jessie James Decker has never been shy about sharing on social media the ins and outs of her journey through motherhood and her marriage to Eric Decker, a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. But the country star took embracing her pregnancy to an entirely new level in her most recent music video, "Flip My Hair," which shows Jessie, who's 28 weeks pregnant with her third child, performing in a skintight bodysuit that shows off her gorgeous baby bump.

And we seriously can't decide what we love more: the army of pregnant backup dancers donning the very same outfits behind her or the moment her adorable 3-year-old daughter, Vivianne, makes an appearance at the end of the video. Nevertheless, the positive comments started flowing in as soon as the music video was posted to YouTube on Jan. 12. And although some women admitted the video was a tad unconventional, the feedback was generally positive for once.

One inspired mama wrote: "As a mom of four (that feels the sexiest when pregnant) I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SO MUCH! PERFECTION! This is so me. Its funny, sexy, and in good taste. I love little Viv coming in at the end as a cheerleader. It almost looks like she got loose and it wasn't planned but as a good mommy, you just embraced the surprise. I love it!"

Another woman expressed a similar sentiment, explaining that pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a woman's life: "I think it's brilliant. Too many pregnant people [are] going into hiding lately. She's embraced it. Girl power. And they all look amazing. Middle finger to anyone who doesn't get it or thinks it's stupid. It's all about fun and being happy. Positive video. Well done Jessie! Go girl!"

Some fans also (gasp!) complimented the country star on how great she looks while pregnant, writing, "If I'm pregnant I'm gonna dance like that! LOL. You look gorgeous Jessie!" Another woman also chimed in to give kudos: "You look gorgeous Jessie! Love this song!"

Finally! The moment we've all been waiting for: women supporting other women, whether they're pregnant or not.

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