These Coffee House YouTube Videos Will Turn Your WFH Space Into Your Favorite Cafe

When stay-at-home orders went into place, I was very fortunate that working from home (or remotely) was a situation I was already accustomed to. I had perfected my WFH routine, but not being able to switch up the scenery with a remote coffee shop work day was hard, and quickly became a road block in my productivity.

There's a lot I miss about coffee shop visits, but most of all, I miss the background noises: a fire crackling, customers chit-chattering, the sound of an espresso machine, dishes clinking together, and more. While I may not be able to physically enjoy the everyday sounds of a cafe right now, I try my best to cultivate that same ambiance in my home work space with coffee house YouTube videos, most of which feature a variation of jazz music and piano. For a productive and calm work day, I highly suggest picking up a to-go coffee from your favorite joint and pressing play on one of the videos ahead.

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Relaxing Jazz With Coffee Shop Sounds

From a bell ringing as customers walk through the rain falling outside to the background noise of an espresso machine, this video will truly make you feel like you're in the heart of a bustling coffee shop.

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Piano Music With the Sound of Scattered Rain

There's nothing more soothing than the pitter-patter of rain hitting a window or roof top accompanied by the chords of a grand piano.

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Rainy Day Jazz

Three hours of happy, upbeat jazz music will make working from home a million times easier.

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Mellow Jazz

Regardless of your at-home work station set up, this 10-hour mellow jazz video will help keep you calm, relaxed, and focused as you take on your work day.

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Seaside Café Ambience With Bossa Nova Jazz Music

Whether your favorite local coffee joint happens to be seaside or you're aching for a change of tropical scenery, this ocean front coffee house video will fill your work space with the calming sound of crashing waves.

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Café Music Featuring Jazz Piano and Guitar Instrumentals

Because of its strong guitar instrumentals, this lively cafe jazz video will help you stay extra alert during Zoom meetings or emails that require more attention to detail.

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Winter Café Ambience With Saxophone Jazz Music

Inspired by the genre of jazz and the saxophone, this music video will teleport you to your very own winter wonderland without ever having to leave your home office.