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Ellen DeGeneres on Running For President

Ellen DeGeneres Talks About Running For President and What She'd Do in Office

Ellen DeGeneres 2016? On her show, the comedian talked about a new poll on that places her as the No. 1 celebrity out of 50 who should run for president. What does she have to say about it? "Thank you and not interested — thank you. That sounds like the worst job in the world to me."

She cracked jokes about other people on the list, like Oprah who came in at No. 9: "She doesn't want it anyway. She would have to move into a smaller house." Ellen got a little more serious, saying Portia de Rossi would be a beautiful first lady and how if she were president, she would close the gender wage gap (along with putting the gas tank on the same side for every car).

This comes a week after her powerful monologue about the antigay bill in Mississippi.

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