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Kellyanne Conway Says People Lie on TV

Kellyanne Conway Points Out People Lie on TV and Includes Herself

Kellyanne Conway just played herself. During an interview at a Newseum forum in Washington DC on April 12, Conway attempted to discredit critics by claiming people lie on television — which is, of course, true. People do lie on TV, and it's a skill Conway has all but mastered.

"You can turn on the TV — more than you can read in the paper, because I assume editors are still doing their jobs in most places — and people literally say things that just aren't true," Conway said sincerely. "They're not even disguised as opinion."

It's no wonder that Conway had to pause for the audience to stop laughing: she infamously spun untruths about the Trump administration as "alternative facts" and once fictionalized a terrorist attack in an interview.


Conway's self-own was not the only uncomfortable moment of her conversation with columnist Michael Wolff on Wednesday. Referring to The Washington Post's new slogan, "democracy dies in darkness," Wolff drew laughter from the audience again when he suggested Conway was the darkness.

"I'm going to tell you, when they say, 'democracy dies in darkness,' you're the darkness," Wolff said to a stunned Conway. "I'm not the darkness," she responded.

It was clearly a tense moment between Conway and Wolff. However, Conway's defense was a little too familiar and without a hint of irony. "It's what I tell small children: just because somebody says something doesn't make it true. And it's a great lesson for everyone."

Apparently Conway has a difficult time heeding her own advice.

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