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Tim Kaine Impersonates Donald Trump

Tim Kaine Nailed a Hilarious Donald Impersonation and People Lost It

During his speech to the DNC, Tim Kaine came out swinging against Donald Trump. He delivered in more than one way for Hillary Clinton, speaking honestly and candidly about her strengths — just as former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden did before him. But one of the highlights of Kaine's speech came when he impersonated Donald Trump's often repeated phrase, "Believe me." The crowd and the internet loved his imitation. Kaine went on to say, "You cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. Not one word." Following that, the audience energetically started chanting, "Not one word." We know one thing: Tim Kaine won't have to audition for his eventual Saturday Night Live cameo.

We've compiled some of the best reactions to his impression below.


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