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Would Ted Cruz Support Trump For President?

Each GOP Candidate Had a Chance to Do What Was Right — and Failed

The presidential race hit a new level of bizarre on Thursday night during the Detroit GOP debate. The candidates threw immature insults at one another, Donald Trump talked about his penis size, yoga jokes took the stage, and Ted Cruz had something weird on his lip.

To wrap it, moderator and Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich if they would support Trump as the nominee if it came down to it. Before that, he reminded them that they had each signed an RNC pledge in 2015 agreeing to support the party's winner.

Rubio went first, saying he'd support Donald Trump because Bernie Sanders is a socialist and he believes Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Cruz answered yes, saying it's because he gave his word to the party and that keeping your word is a presidential trait.

Kasich also said "yeah" because he respects Trump, but also because he thinks he'll eventually be the nominee.

Baier then asked Trump if he would support the nominee, even if it wasn't him. "Even if it's not me?" he said in disbelief, before answering yes.

For the majority of the debate, Cruz and Rubio bashed hard on Trump, saying he was not to be trusted because he'll say whatever he thinks people want to hear, that he's a fraud (see: Trump University), and unfit to be president. Yet, they still answered the question in the affirmative.

If they had taken a cue from Mitt Romney's speech about Trump earlier in the day, they too could have used the opportunity to say no. No, I will not support a bigot. No, I will not back a mysogynist. No, I will not endorse someone who's a danger to my country. No, I will not, because my loyalty to the American people is more important than a signature or even to the party itself. But they failed.

Thankfully it looks like despite how hard he tries, Trump won't be president after all.

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