6 Easy Ways YOU Can Make Sure People Vote Tuesday

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After what has felt like years of campaigns, heated debates, and some pretty shocking revelations, Election Day is almost upon us. While President Obama has been working overtime to make sure people get out and vote, there are a few ways you too can encourage your friends and family to head to the polls on Nov. 8. Ahead, we've listed six simple ways to do just that.

  1. Help them prepare. Send along Rock the Vote's helpful checklist for everything you'd need the day of so there are no surprises. Yes, requirements and ballots differ for each state, however, the handy page lets you know what you'll be voting on and what to bring to the polls with the click of a button.
  2. Point out the polling places. Sometimes, people just don't know where they need to go on Election Day — especially since the big presidential election does happen every four years and people might have moved during that time. So helping someone vote might be just as easy as sending along this link so they can locate their assigned polling place.
  3. Email your people. For those nearest to you, send along an email with all of the above information on where they can go and what they need in order to vote. Just that simple gesture could make all the difference.
  4. Download the Rock the Vote app. By downloading the Rock the Vote app — compatible with both iOS and Android — you can send friendly reminders to your friends and family, as well as voting memes, because this election has certainly inspired plenty of those.
  5. Join a phone bank. Like most millennials, I hate talking to people on the phone. One method of encouraging people to vote, however, does require actually picking up the phone and talking to voters like yourself. If you're interested in chatting out the election with other millennials and young voters, set some time aside and sign up for Rock the Calls.
  6. Let them know you voted. One really easy way to reach out to voters involves doing something you probably do every single day: using social media. On Election Day, simply snap a picture of your "I Voted" sticker or share an anecdote about your voting experience on Twitter. If someone is on the fence, your post could give them FOMO and inspire them to head to the polls.