Your Cheat Sheet to Tuesday's Game-Changing Elections

Hillary Clinton made history when she was declared the presumptive Democratic nominee yesterday, and Donald Trump is sitting on the Republican party throne. But voters are still casting ballots in six states today. Check out everything you need to know about the California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota primaries as well as the North Dakota Democratic caucus.

Here's what's happening:

  • President Obama called Hillary Clinton to congratulate her on securing enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination, per the Associated Press.
  • Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic nomination, and history, from Brooklyn, NY, after winning the primaries in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota, according to the Associated Press.
  • Clinton's victory speech was emotional and she called for a unified party to defeat a "temperamentally unfit" Donald Trump. After congratulating Bernie Sanders for his "incredible campaign," Clinton asked the crowd to "remember what unites us."
  • Sanders won the North Dakota Democratic caucus and the Montana primary.
  • It's no shocker that Trump came out victorious in New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota, and California since he is the only Republican candidate left in the race.
  • He has amassed the 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the GOP party nomination.
  • Going into Tuesday, Clinton had 1,812 delegates and Sanders had 1,521 out of the 2,383 needed. This count does not include superdelegates, many of whom have pledged to vote for Clinton but can still change their minds. However, the Associated Press declared Clinton the presumptive nominee on Monday, taking into account the superdelegates.

Here's what it means:

Here's what's next:

  • There will be a Democratic primary in Washington DC on Tuesday, June 14, followed by both party conventions in July, when the nominations will be official.
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