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The Cutest Pictures of German Shepherd Puppies

Full-Grown German Shepherds Are Cute, but Have You SEEN Them as Puppies?!

German Shepherds are a truly beautiful breed of dog, but before they become huge, lovable, floppy, fully grown doggos with paws the size of your face, they start out as teeny(ish) puppies just like every other breed. Because these dogs grow so fast, their puppyhood is quite the fleeting stage — not to mention that their ears and paws seem to be full-grown from the second they're born — but they're arguably one of the cutest breeds of puppy due to this fact.

Scroll through for some of the best photos of the most adorable little (and not-so-little) German Shepherd puppies — you'll wish you could give them "good dog" pets through your screen.

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