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Pet Peeves: My Cat Won't Stop Meowing!

Q: My kitty is a chronic meower. Every morning when I get up, she just follows me around meowing very loudly. Really, I don't mind too much, but the fact that I live in an apartment is what really troubles me. I'm scared that some of the other tenants might start to complain about her meowing so early in the morning. And it's not just friendly, tiny meows . . . these are like loud, long, irritating meows. What should I do?

A: Before I talk about ways to work through kitty's continuous meowing, there are a couple of things to check out first:

  • Make sure the cat has food, water, and a clean litter box. Your kitty could simply be communicating that she wants something to be done about one of those things.
  • Figure out when your cat is not meowing. Is it a certain time of day or during a certain activity? If you pay attention to kitty, does she continue to meow? When does she start again? Then, try to find a way to continue whatever activity stops the meowing (for example, if kitty consistently meows after you stop playtime, get some games for her to amuse herself with after you go to bed).
  • Consider a trip to the vet. When cats are vocal, they are usually trying to communicate something to us. Check with your vet to make sure your pet is healthy. There are certain times when cats are noisier, like when they are in heat or pregnant.

Many times kitties meow for attention and many times they meow exactly when we wouldn't (or couldn't) pay attention to them. I agree with the general consensus to ignore pets when they behave in attention-seeking ways. However, the big problem with this is often times the pets don't stop immediately. That can be very frustrating, it and makes it hard not to pay attention, which just continues the cycle!

You need to try to break the cycle. If pets get a response from you by doing something (meowing, barking, etc.), they are just repeating that action to get a response again. The first rule of thumb is do not respond directly to the cat's meowing, even to get up, shush, or yell — any response counts, even if it isn't a positive one. If your pet continues to meow, try a time out. Shut the door to the room you are in and when she stops meowing, she can come play. If she meows again, back out she goes. More than anything else, this will take time and patience. Good luck!

EvaLee17552 EvaLee17552 4 years
Can someone help me with this cat of mine, he has a thing for the basement, But he's not allowed down the basement anymore, so every morning around 430am he will start that god awful meow to go into the basement, it wakes me and i'm unable to go back to sleep , and when he hears the basement door opens he rushes to the door to go downstairs , what's so important that makes this crazy noise to go downstairs
DixOndee DixOndee 4 years
Boris the Kat...nearly 8... Has decided to cry and make all sorts of disturbing calling meows..round 3.30am...we have just moved to look after a friends house...was ok for a couple of nights..them what a performance...he has never behaved this way..well once when ex boyfriend stayed over...we have moved and stayed with people quite often and apart from the ex boyfriend thing he has been quiet at night...but this is excessive crying and all different tones...he scratches at the doors and won't settle..he became excessive when the guy who's house I'm looking after came back for two nights...the friend is away again and it wasnt soo much last nite..he is just shocking and it possible that Boris the fat brat scottish fold is sensing male testosterone?? He is nurtured..and we stayed with a male friend for 6 months recently and didn't hear a peep...HELP!!! My baby has become a monster...maybe he is distressed being at this house..but seems ok during the day, altho is not eating like a pig as usual...
Delta3702770 Delta3702770 4 years
My Cat will YELL at night. Like he's being STRANGLED! His food bowl will be full, full water, and a Clean Litter Box (I always clean it before I TRY to sleep). If he finds some way to amuse himself, he shuts up. If I PET him, he shuts up... But this is like Midnight-9am! I can't be petting him all night and not sleeping... But he yelps like he's DYING, because I won't pet him [Cause I'm UNCONSCIOUS (or would LIKE TO BE)] I don't have a job, so I'm petting him all day long, how do I make him SHUT UP, so I can get a decent night of sleep... this has been going on for months now... ):
evlo230 evlo230 4 years
Hi I av a kitten that is nearly a year old she is a very friendly kitten but recently she keeps meowing all day. When I have her in the sittenroom she is grand for a few minutes then when she is walking around she starts to meow. When I put her into a different room and I close the door she then starts to meow straight away when I close the door. What can I do to make her stop.
erik7511 erik7511 4 years
Hello! I need some help on this topic as well. My 8 month old cat (pictured), Nala, never meowed until 5 days ago. She would always do a cute little noise every time she would see me, but never this new non-stop wailing. It happens even after I feed her. I'm gone for 10 hours for work, but I feed her before I leave and when I get home. After both feedings, she just keeps going on and on and on...jumping from table to kitchen Island to kitchen counters in an attempt to follow me. She is super aggressive when I sit at the table to eat my dinner and I have to lock her in a bedroom while I eat so she stops trying to eat my food. This literally started happening overnight. Another thing to add is that when I go to sleep, she comes and lays on my chest to get some love and then fall asleep, just as normal and then she's ok, but as soon as I get up from my bed and walk out of my room, the constant meowing starts right back up. I'm worried about the fact that now she's going to be "that annoying cat". I'm ignoring the meowing, as I read from somebody elses advice, but this is out of control. Any advice?
Aaron3419662 Aaron3419662 4 years
Try having a Main Coon cross! Main Coons are known to be chatty! Different breeds of cats may meow more then others. I see my cat's meow as if he is talking to me. I can sit there and have a conversation with him almost lol! Like its stated, they are most vocal when they want something, like food, water, a clean litter box, or attention. Just be glad its meowing, and not the creepy stare my domestic long hair is giving me, because I stopped playing with her to write this response!
Jennene2670628 Jennene2670628 5 years
I'm just starting to research about certain cat breeds that aren't as allergenic as most other cats because I am allergic to them AND I love them so much!!  Does anyone know of any of these breeds?  I have a 13 year old long haired Red Tabby named Sunny Boy.  He was around age 8 when I found out I was allergic so we kept him but my husband has said no to another cat when Sunny leaves us.  I have had cats my entire life and could not be as happy without one.  I did read a brief mention of the Siberian breed and the Russian Blue.
adslo adslo 5 years
My BF's cat's name is Chairman Meow and boy does he live up to it - passing on! :)
celebritycatwalk celebritycatwalk 5 years
great tips!!! kittens are akin to babies -needling LOTS of attention..
viciousvagabond viciousvagabond 6 years
This made me realize we're not putting enough effort into our kitty. We just assumed he's been more like a dog than cat and meows at us when we're eating as though he's begging for food (which he usually is). This is almost always after we've fed him and given him fresh water... Maybe he just wants attention AND our food? He seems healthy so I can't imagine him needing to go the vet or anything.
TheBorgiasDevil TheBorgiasDevil 9 years
My cat Pharaoh is very talkative, and LOUD. He only ever meows though when he wants to show someone something, like a recent kill or when he finds a hairtie, or, when he HAS to go out at 3 in the morning.
SugerBaby420 SugerBaby420 9 years
your cat might have a urinary tract infection... or it could be lonely or just want attention...
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
My cat only meows when she needs food or she's in heat. She'll talk randomly sometimes, but if we're conversing it's usually purrs.
dholmas dholmas 9 years
I had a half Siamese who was very vocal and his brother was very quiet. When we lost the loud mouth the other became more vocal. I now have a Maine Coon who is very large with a wimpy voice. He was a shelter cat and will "mew" or "trill" when he wants attention, meaning pet me and give me my 2 "Greenies". My husband and I have become used to the cat toys on the floor and I actually make my own catnip bags. Just bought 2 pounds of it to make more bags to give to the shelter for the holidays. Diane, my little half Siamese was a loud mouth and demanding, but a love and lived to be 17. His brother lived to be 23. Yes, Diane was a male. LOL.
flowidme flowidme 9 years
my cat meows a lot when she wants to go out(she is now an indoor cat but was a stray). so i just bring her for a little walk and she would stop meowing.
aphaziak aphaziak 9 years
Just got a kitten a week ago, and it made me feel better to read about all these other cats... I'll put it down to just wanting attention! I'm a little worried about the neighbors, he's only 8 weeks and it is LOUD! It seems better since he's become more adjusted to his new home (he was a stray), so I'm hoping that it will subside in intensity after being here a little longer (and of course having more toys to play with!)
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
Mine started meowing after the vet lost our Razz (see his profile, it explains it) ... as if she wants to find him and/or make sure we don't "get rid" of her, too. :(
emalove emalove 9 years
My cats are pretty much the opposite of this -- they very rarely meow or cry. One of them does a little bit, he makes cute little noises when I come home and cuddle him, but they're not quite "meows". And my female cat hardly EVER makes a cry...she's just a purring machine instead. Sounds like a motorboat, literally...I've never heard a cat with a purr as loud as hers! I used to think something was wrong with her!
Babychloe Babychloe 9 years
My cat is a talker, but she mostly meows when I'm talking to her. It's like we're having a conversation in two different languages.
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