These 30 Photos of Corgis Prove That Corgis Are the Most Adorable Doggos

The unspoken and ongoing competition between dog breeds as to which is the most cute will always be on — but we think Corgis just took the trophy for cutest breed ever (but like, really they're all so cute, and it's impossible to choose, but come on, guys, Corgis are insanely adorable, no?). Between their short legs that make for the best sploots, teeny butts, and their hysterical antics — not to mention their adorable little Corgi butts! — Corgis really are so lovable.

Ahead, see the photos of Corgis that are so heckin' cute, we actually feel like we can die happy now (though, before we go, we might watch this video of Corgis on a seesaw one more time).