This Bakery in Japan Makes Corgi Butt Buns Filled With Jam or Custard, and Oh My GOD

We are truly blessed to live in a world that's full of Corgis and their perfectly fluffy little butts. (Yes, you read that right, and yes, you should definitely Google pictures of Corgi butts if you don't know what I'm talking about.) And if that wasn't already enough, a bakery in Japan has taken it to the next level by making Corgi butt bread buns, and oh my GOD, they're so freaking adorable.

Utiwapayna bakery has been making cute baked goods for years and shares some of its creations on its Twitter account. In addition to its Corgi buns, it also makes cat- and koala-shaped breads! The Corgi butts, however, absolutely take the cake. How were they able to catch the perfect, fluffy essence of a Corgi butt? It must be magic (or, you know, just really talented bakers).

The bakery is located in Sapporo, so you may want to add the little town to your itinerary if you visit Japan. According to the bakery's tweet about the Corgi buns, they're typically filled with jam or custard. Sweet, decadent, and adorable . . . now that's a combination we can definitely get behind!

Here's a photo of a homemade re-creation of the Corgi buns:

And for reference, here is an adorable photo of an actual Corgi butt: