Champ and Major Are Going to Bring a Whole Lot of Cute to Joe Biden's White House

Let's focus on paw-litics for a minute, because the incoming first dogs, Champ and Major Biden, are absolutely the cutest parts of this whole election cycle. While Champ has been to the White House before — he's been with the Bidens since Joe Biden's tenure as vice president — his younger brother, Major, is about to make history as the first rescued shelter dog to head to the White House. They'll reinstate a long tradition of first families having dogs, a tradition that's only been broken once (by the current first family) in the last century.

If you're in need of some big smiles or just a break from serious political discourse, we've got you covered. Check out these adorable pics of Champ and Major — and be sure to check out their "official" social media, too!