Cities Trump Once Claimed Were Ghost Towns Are a Flurry of Celebration After Biden's Win

Crowds gathered all over the country to celebrate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's election win on Nov. 7. After days of anticipation, Pennsylvania pushed Biden's electoral votes into winning territory on Saturday, giving supporters cause for relief and a reason to relish in his victory.

People in Washington DC cheered outside the White House gates while residents of states like New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and more swarmed the streets to express their joy. It should be noted that while many of the participants did wear masks, photos appear to show a lack of social distancing during the ongoing pandemic.

For many of these cities, the Biden-Harris win comes as a personal victory after Donald Trump spewed hateful vitriol about their hometowns and their representatives over the course of his presidency. Take New York City, for example; just last month the outgoing president claimed the city had "gone to hell" and turned into a "ghost town." Let the following celebratory photos prove otherwise.