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Camelback Mountain Hike in Phoenix, AZ

Why Hiking Camelback Mountain in Phoenix Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Camelback Mountain Hike in Phoenix, AZ
Image Source: Kristin Conard

"It's going to be a hard route. It's vertical at times."

I smiled, thinking these locals were exaggerating, trying to scare off a tourist as they described a trail that was less than 1.5 miles up Camelback Mountain, the iconic peak towering over Phoenix. But 1.3 miles in the middle of an urban area? How difficult could it really be? I was a hiker and a runner, so something under a mile and a half? It would be a breeze, and it's one of those trails that every hiker and outdoors-lover should put on their bucket list.

Cut to me halfway up the mountain, grasping on to the handrails installed in the mountainside. I would have laughed at my yesterday self if I had the breath to waste. Here's what I learned about climbing the iconic Camelback.

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