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Things to Do in Los Angeles

14 Hidden Gems in Los Angeles You Don't Want to Miss

Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, City of Angels, La La Land, you name it! With its wide expanse and scattered swells of attractions, it's easy to get lost in the maze of options that LA has to offer. Many visitors get overwhelmed and wind up settling on touristy places like Universal City Walk, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or Santa Monica Pier. While those destinations are awesome in their own right, they definitely don't expose the true mystique of LA all on their own. It's no wonder so many visitors leave with the taste of "cliché" in their mouths and no idea about the richness of this city's subtleties. As an LA native, I find this simply unacceptable and feel compelled to spill the details on some of my favorite lesser-known spots!

From an abandoned neighborhood overflowing with street art to a tour through a majestic historical mansion, there's a whole world of hidden gems brimming just beneath the LA facade. Start planning early! You'll want to spend ample time at each of these places.

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