This Smart Colgate Toothbrush Connects to an App That Tells You How Long and How Well You Brush

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It's official. You can actually do everything with your phone, including brush your teeth. Well, sorta. With Colgate's Smart Electric Toothbrush ($100), you can now track not just how long you're brushing your teeth, but how effectively you're doing it.

To start, you have to download the Colgate Connect App on your phone and sync it with your toothbrush. Make sure the app is running while you brush, and it will take a look at all your activity. The sensors on the brush can sense which teeth you're brushing and for how long. The app displays a variety of graphics that show each measure, even including a map of your mouth. The app will also give you tips for better brushing patterns and even celebrate victories like improving your brushing habits.

Colgate's smart toothbrush is perfect for anyone, but especially for those who want to make sure they're covering every bit of space on their teeth. You may not realize how hard it is to get into those nooks and crannies! You can't rely on just floss to cover all that, which is why this smart toothbrush will help. The app keeps track of each of your times brushing so you can see the upward (or downward if you're not paying attention) trends in your dental health.

Also, with this smart toothbrush, you don't have to worry about replacing your toothbrush all the time, but you will need to replace the heads, which you can also get directly from Colgate.

Once you've nailed the best brushing time and methods, you can combine it with your flossing routine and have the best oral hygiene you've ever had — even if you're consuming food that wreaks havoc on your teeth. Plus, next time you're bored during your commute, you can whip out your phone and read up on brushing tips on the app, so you're better prepared for your next cleaning!