For Hardcore Fans Only: The Extreme Disney Bucket List

If you've already checked every item off our normal Disney bucket list, you're definitely a die-hard Disney fan. You've ridden all the rides, met all the princesses, and stayed at the Disney hotels, so what's next? You need something more suited to your hardcore Disney hankerings, and have no fear: we've got a list just for Disneyphiles like yourself. Pack your mouse ears and get ready to dive headfirst into the world of intense park-hopping, globe-trotting, and mouse-seeking, because this is the ultimate Disney bucket list. And if you're only a lukewarm fan, you better step it up to take this challenge on!

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  1. Visit every Disney park: You had to know this was coming! There are six Disney parks worldwide: California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The most intense Disney fans visit each park, often more than once!
  2. Shoot hoops in the Matterhorn basketball court: Within the large Matterhorn mountain at Disneyland, there is a staff basketball court. If you can manage to visit the secret court, you can definitely call yourself a megafan!
  3. Ride in the tender seat: If you time it right and ask nicely, you can ride with the conductor of the Disneyland Railroad locomotive. The small tender seat sits only two people, but you can learn a lot from the knowledgeable conductor!
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  1. Earn a Disney Coast to Coast medal: This medal is earned through a lot of hard work and dedication, so it's a true sign of your Disney devotion. Run a marathon at Walt Disney World and a half marathon at Disneyland in the same year to collect this prestigious prize.
  2. Fly on a Disney airplane: Just like Hello Kitty fans make their Sanrio pilgrimage on a themed plane, Disney fans also have a couple of planes to call their own. Alaska Airlines' Magic of Disneyland and Spirit of Disneyland aircrafts are the perfect way to arrive in style for your next Disney vacation!
  3. Become an annual passholder: How do you expect to do all this Disney resort adventuring without an annual pass?
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  1. Dine at Club 33: Most Disney fans know about this not-so-secret secret club, located in New Orleans Square at the Anaheim Disneyland Resort. Access to Club 33 is extremely restricted, with membership boasting a $10,000 annual price tag and $25,000 initiation fee — so it takes a seriously dedicated Disney fan to enter the club. If you can enjoy a meal at this establishment (or its Tokyo Disney equivalent), you'll have achieved a very serious bucket list endeavor.
  2. Relax in the 1901 Lounge: Because of its California Adventure location and relatively recent unveiling, the superexclusive 1901 Lounge is definitely the classiest way to relax in any Disney resort. Named after Walt Disney's birth year and boasting real Disney family paraphernalia throughout the lounge, 1901 is arguably more elite than Club 33.
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  1. Take a Disney cruise: While the Disney resorts are obviously incredible, there's nothing quite like sailing the seven seas alongside your most beloved characters.
  2. Spend a night in the Dream Suite or Cinderella's Castle Suite: If you are ever able to land a night in either of these incredibly special Disney accommodations, you'll be the ultimate fan. The Disney Dream Suite, located above Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland, is 2,500-plus square feet of magic that comes with a special after-hours tour of the park. Within Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle is a special suite fit for royalty (but which has historically been reserved for celebrities) that rivals that magic, so either of these insane overnight stays would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  3. Watch a Disney on Ice show: What better way to watch Frozen than surrounded by ice?
  4. See every Star Tours adventure: The 3D simulator attraction in Tomorrowland, Star Tours, offers more than 50 possible story combinations. Make it your goal to see every one!
  5. Unlock all the secret achievements in Toy Story Midway Mania: You can unlock extra points in Midway Mania by focusing on certain achievements in the game, so get the highest possible score with the secret guide.
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  1. Dress up for Dapper Day: While this event remains an "unofficial" Disney affair, Dapper Day occurs biannually at multiple Disney parks worldwide. The event encourages participants to dress to the nines for a day of classy fun in the parks, so you'll never see a better-looking bunch of resort guests.
  2. Complete an Epcot World Showcase Passport: When going "around the world" at Epcot, you can get a stamp from every country in a passport booklet. It's extremely satisfying to complete the journey!
  3. Eat at every Disneyland restaurant: Eating at every Disney restaurant would be a stretch even for a megafan, so try noshing at every eatery in a single park instead.
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  1. Live at Disney World (Golden Oak): Since you're so in love with Disney, why not make it official by moving in? Starting at $1.8 million, homes in the Golden Oak community sit on Walt Disney World property, letting you live right in the middle of the magic.
  2. See every Disney Broadway show: With top-notch productions of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and more out there, it'd be a shame not to support the arts with your Disney enthusiasm.
  3. Meet a celebrity at Disneyland: If you spend enough time at the California parks, you're bound to run into a celebrity or two. There are even social media channels devoted to Disneyland celebs, so this task should be easy!
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  1. Attend a wedding at Disney World's wedding pavilion: After seeing this incredible wedding venue, you might want to tie the knot there yourself. After all, you can arrive to your nuptials in a Cinderella-style carriage!
  2. Collect every Disney pressed penny: In our Disneyland tips post, we pointed out that pressed pennies are the most affordable Disney souvenir. Try to collect every penny option from every park!
  3. Join the official D23 fan club: Most Disney fans already know about the official Disney fan club, D23, but in case you're unaware, it's an absolute necessity for any enthusiast.
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  1. Attend Mickey's "Not So Scary" Halloween party: Trick-or-treating is way better when it's done Disney style, so be sure to dress up and head to your closest Disney park's Halloween celebration.
  2. Finish the Kitchen Sink: There is a $29 sundae aptly named "The Kitchen Sink," available at WDW's Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, and it serves enough ice cream to fill up four adults. Bring a few partners, and power through the legendary treat!
  3. Go to Mickey's "Very Merry Christmas" party: All your favorite characters don their holiday best for this cheerful celebration, and there's nothing quite like a Disney Christmas.
  4. Experience Independence Day fireworks at the park: Disney is known for incredible fireworks displays, but the Independence Day show every July 4 is an absolute spectacle. It's a must see at least once in your lifetime!
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  1. Become a true mountaineer: To claim the title of Disney mountaineer, you have to conquer the Disneyland mountain range — Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain — in a single day.
  2. Try the "Rinse & Dry Cycle": The Rinse & Dry Cycle is a California Adventure must. Simply get soaking wet on the Grizzly River Rapids, then dry off on the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land!
  3. Watch every Disney film in order of release date: While most of these challenges have related to the Disney parks, don't forget where the magic comes from: the beloved movies created by Walt Disney. Watch every one of the company's films in order of release to truly experience Disney fandom.