7 Habits of People Who Are Always on Time

Being fashionably late is so out of fashion — arriving late to interviews, meetings, and appointments is not only rude, but can also negatively impact your career and relationships. If you are constantly rushing out the door but still can't seem to make a rendezvous on time, maybe it's time for a lifestyle change. Read on to find out the seven habits of extremely punctual people, but don't put them off until tomorrow!

1. They're realistic.

People who are chronically late underestimate how long it will take them to take a shower, get dressed, and reach a destination. Punctual people are realistic about their time and will often add a few extra minutes to give themselves some wiggle room. If you want to start planning realistically, write down how long you think it takes you to do your morning routine. Then for a week, track how long it actually takes you to get ready, and use that new estimate when planning out your mornings.

2. They prepare for unexpected delays.

This habit is related to the one mentioned above about giving yourself buffer time. Punctual people prepare for any unforeseen delays due to traffic, getting lost, forgetting something at home, etc. If they're going somewhere that is 10 minutes away, they leave 20 to 25 minutes ahead to account for any unexpected scenarios. By giving themselves buffer time, they often arrive early — but never late.

3. They're fine with downtime.

Because punctual people give themselves buffer time, they often arrive early — and they are more than comfortable enjoying a few minutes waiting. Whether they are checking emails, reviewing notes, reading a book, or clearing their heads, punctual people not only enjoy their downtime, but also come prepared with something to do. People who are chronically late, however, do not enjoy their downtime and prefer the thrill of rushing to and from a place. If you want to be more comfortable waiting for someone, then bring a book or an iPad to help pass the time.

4. They plan everything down to the T.

Extremely punctual people not only show up to places on time, but also lead highly structured and organized lifestyles. They plan out their mornings, days, and nights with a set of activities and routines and stick to them every day. They keep calendars up to date with new meetings and appointments and try not to overschedule. Being organized with your belongings can also save you time when you're getting ready — keep your keys, wallet, and phone in a designated area so that you don't have to search for them in the mornings. To become more punctual, try adding more structure to your daily routine!

5. They get things done ahead of time.

Punctual people get everything done ahead of time, because procrastinating means stressing out and scrambling at the last minute. They pick out what to wear and pack their bags the night before. If they're packing lunch for work, they do that the night before as well. By getting things done early, they have less to worry about in the morning and can focus on being punctual.

6. They go to bed early.

Why do most people stay up late? Probably because they waited until the last minute to finish an assignment or project. Naturally, punctual people don't stay up as late, because they avoid procrastinating. By getting to bed early, they sleep better and wake up feeling rested.

7. They're morning people.

On a similar note, punctual people don't press the snooze button — they get up when they're supposed to. Because they sleep better after getting to bed earlier, they don't have trouble waking up. They go to bed and get up at reliable hours to start their days off right.

Do you have trouble with your rendezvous? What are some tips you follow to try to be more punctual?