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How Can I Make Myself Wake Up Early?

This 3-Week Early-Bird Challenge Will Finally Make You a Morning Person

Waking up early is painful. It sucks. And it's hard. All the professional snoozers out there know the dreadful process and how attempting to become a morning person is close to impossible. But the fact is, it takes discipline and some getting used to. That's why we created the three-week early-bird challenge to finally help transform you into an early riser. The 21-day plan is set to help get your body acclimated to mornings, but it's up to you to keep it up for about another month and a half since scientifically, it takes 66 days to form new habits. Although it's not an overnight process, you can definitely make it easier on yourself by following the schedule below. Give it a try!

Pro tip: Set your alarm to your favorite song and place your phone across the room so that you're required to get out of bed to shut it off.


Book a fitness class or set up a morning workout with a buddy. The first day of the week is always the toughest, so you'll need something or someone to hold you accountable.


Dedicate this morning to a full breakfast. You'll need something to look forward to, so plan out a meal that will get you out of bed, whether it's a new smoothie bowl recipe or a stack of pancakes.


Make a list of errands and/or to-dos the night before to tackle when you wake up. Finally book that teeth cleaning, or take care of that laundry that's been piling up. You'll feel so accomplished before your day has even fully started.


Try some morning meditation. Grab a cup of tea, breathe, and mentally prep for your day ahead.


Treat yourself! End the workweek on a positive note by taking yourself to a cafe or bakery early in the morning. You'll be in a better mood going into work with a coffee and treat.


You'll need extra motivation to get up early on the weekend, so bribe yourself with a reward. Promise yourself a pedicure if you wake up on time, for example.


Slowly ease into your Sunday morning with some good vibes and mindfulness. Stretch with a feel-good playlist to wake your body up, and then get your brain going with some quick journaling. Jot down things you need to do, reflect on your week, or do whatever else you find inspiring.


Remember to try to wake up at the same time each day and to relax before bedtime for a full night's sleep.

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