5 Themes to Inspire Your Next Halloween Party

Nothing pulls a party together quite like a unifying theme. Under the broad umbrella of "Halloween," there are many routes you can take with your spirited soirées, and guests are always impressed when you commit wholeheartedly to an overarching idea. When the basic party supplies just won't do, here are five Halloween themes to make your next party spooktacular.

Halloween Elegance
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Halloween Elegance

Just because most pumpkins start out their lives orange-colored doesn't mean they need to stay that way. Gray and white gourds are a cool way to keep the spirit of Halloween hip and last well into Autumn as an elegant display.

Pretty My Party

A little black lace and some tree silhouettes help make for a graceful tabletop. These trees strike a delicate balance between being a little spooky while still remaining classy.

My Style Vita

These blood-red cocktails placed near a simple skull help create an elegant atmosphere for a Halloween party. With a few vampire fangs placed around the house, this party definitely will not suck.

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Bring out the holiday's magic and mystery with some spellbinding witchy displays, like this Hocus Pocus banner. And to keep with the theme of witches without going in full costume, check out these shirts that easily convey the same message.


Simple and adorable, these witches' broomstick snacks will be a party favorite.


To really light up the party, try a tasteful neon sign. Your guests won't need a potion to fall in love with this fun and simple decor.

Skulls, Bats, and Spiders
Inspired By Charm

Skulls, Bats, and Spiders

Halloween is the time to lightly play with people's fears, and celebrating the things that give us the creeps can actually be an elegant way to decorate. While normally spiderwebs are quickly cast aside, these black and gray spider decorations are stunning.

The Chic Site

Bats and plaid are a great way to spice up your decor. Place bats throughout the house in varying sizes and add some plaid to make your house Autumn-ready.

A Beautiful Mess

A golden DIY candle-holder skull is spooky but also brings an element of glam rock to the soirée.

Harry Potter
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Harry Potter

Even if you can't get to The Three Broomsticks, you can kick off the party with a toast of your own batch of Butterbeer. This butterscotch-flavored recipe is alcoholic and uses real butter and beer.


With a little computer magic and some parchment paper, everyday books are transformed into tomes of spells and creatures. Every good Ravenclaw will appreciate having books on display.


Carving pumpkins is one of the oldest Halloween traditions, and why not give them a little extra Harry Potter magic? A simple broom and a light spell will bewitch your party.

Say Yes


Having a ghoul-filled party is one of the easiest — and yet most effective — Halloween themes ever. This string of ghost lights is spooky, cute, and easy to DIY.

My Baking Addiction

Keep the theme going with adorable edible ghosts made out of meringue. Your guests will be so impressed as they munch on these eerily light desserts.

A Beautiful Mess

Besides being totally cute, these spirited piñatas will be the hit of the party. Fill them with candy or prizes and give your guests something fun to do throughout the night.