21 Easy Harry Potter DIYs That Even Muggles Can Make

Just because the wizarding world isn't accessible to muggles like us doesn't mean we can't try to recreate it. Whether you're throwing a Halloween bash, a birthday party, or just want to travel home to Hogwarts on a random weekend (because, don't we all?), we have Harry Potter-themed DIYs that are every Potterhead's dream. And the best part? They're so easy that magic isn't required to make them! Mixing your own pumpkin juice drink? Check. Making a Marauder's Map for the times when Google Maps just doesn't cut it? We got you. Keep reading for more DIY projects that are sure to impress muggles and wizards alike. Accio DIY supplies!


Create a Bertie Bott's Game

Create and print out a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans blind taste test game to see just how well your friends know the Harry Potter candy!


DIY Your Own Platform 9 3/4 Brick Wall

Grab a large white sheet and some red paint to make your own magic wall (but we don't suggest trying to run through it in an attempt to get to Hogwarts).

Make Your Own Butterbeer
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Make Your Own Butterbeer

Serve up one of Harry Potter's favorite drinks with this easy-to-follow Butterbeer recipe. Cheers to that!


Create a Felix Felicis Necklace

Wear liquid luck around your neck with this cheap and easy Harry Potter potion necklace DIY.


Print Out Free Harry Potter "Wanted" Posters

Deck your walls with "Have You Seen This Wizard?" and "Undesirable No. 1" posters for a fun effect your friends will love.


Write a Message on Your Mirror

Creep everyone out with the ominous message written in blood on the wall in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Red lipstick will do the trick and comes off easily!


Craft Hogwarts-Inspired Invitations

We all dream of getting our Hogwarts letters in the mail, but alas, the day has yet to come. Make everyone's deepest desires (almost) come true with personalized Hogwarts invitations.


Make Your Own Mandrakes

Potter-fy your decor by putting a few of these hilarious mandrake plants around the house. There are plenty of easy ways to make them!


Design a Marauder's Map Treasure Hunt

Apart from his invisibility cloak, there's nothing we coveted more of Harry's than the intricate Marauder's Map that allowed the trio to accomplish countless missions they wouldn't have been able to take on otherwise. Make your own Marauder's Map treasure hunt complete with Harry Potter-themed items to find.


Put Up a Ministry of Magic Sign

Make your toilet look like the entrance to the Ministry of Magic from muggle London with this sticker.


Make Owl Letter Carriers

Unfortunately, it may be a little difficult to get real live owls to carry your post, but this DIY is the next best thing! You can blow up balloons and draw owl faces on them, then tie letters to the strings.


Make a Moaning Myrtle Bathroom Buddy

Hogwarts wouldn't have been complete without the presence of Moaning Myrtle, and neither is your bathroom.

Put Together a Homemade Potions Kit
POPSUGAR Photography | Lisette Mejia

Put Together a Homemade Potions Kit

Pick up some cheap glass bottles at a dollar or craft store (or maybe you have some extras already!) and fill them up with water. Drop different-colored food dyes in each bottle, and you'll get a good-looking potions kit. Print out labels and stick them on your bottles!

Make Your Own Pumpkin Juice
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Make Your Own Pumpkin Juice

Ever wonder what freshly squeezed pumpkins really taste like? Try this pumpkin juice recipe and serve up one of the wizarding world's favorite drinks.


Hang Moving Portraits

Channel the walls of Hogwarts with "moving" portraits filled with the faces of wizards. Just print some out and hang where you please!


Make a Golden Snitch

The elusive Golden Snitch is easily captured with a simple DIY, or just spray paint a golf ball gold and hot glue wings on it!


Try a Sorting Hat DIY

Decorate your mantel with the accessory that decides which house you belong to. You can DIY a paper maché hat or make a wearable one by spicing up a real hat.


Do a Spider Trail DIY

Recreate the spider trail that led away from the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets with a simple homemade craft. If you feel the same about spiders as Ron Weasley does, you may want someone else to help you out with this one.


Fashion Your Own Wand

You're not truly a wizard unless you wield a wand, and this easy craft takes just minutes to do.


Sip on Edible Polyjuice Potion

Instead of just dyeing water, you can also make edible polyjuice potion punch to sip on. All you need for this recipe is green sherbet and some Sprite!