These People Who Dressed as Hydro Flasks For Halloween Get Our VSCO Girl Stamp of Approval

Aside from comfy clothes and scrunchies, the Hydro Flask is the crown jewel of many a VSCO girl. This cult water bottle is practical, of course, helping folks cut down on plastic waste and stay hydrated all day long, but it's also known to be a trendy staple — find us holding onto it as dearly as our candy-colored Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

Come Halloween, it makes sense that we'd want to honor our beloved water bottle with a hilarious costume that requires very little effort at all — a total VSCO girl power move. Combing through the Internet, we've discovered the best (and low-key most fun) Hydro Flask Halloween outfits out there and put together tips for recreating them — they'll definitely make your heart beat sksksksk!

These Friends Who Kept It Easy With a Shirt and Paper Handle

This look is super easy and instantly recognizable. Just get a Hydro Flask tee ($28) or cut out the symbol and sew it onto a colorful shirt yourself. For the cap and handle, all you need is some construction paper and glue.

This VSCO Girl Who Brought Along Her Hydro Flask

We're all just Hydro Flasks looking for our VSCO girl to complete us. This costume requires two people, so dress up as a Hydro Flask and have your pal channel the VSCO girl look with scrunchies, leggings, and Birkenstocks.

These Folks Who Wore Hydro Flask Sweaters Because Halloween Is Cold, Y'all

Halloween weather tends to be chilly, so if you're out and about at night (and just want to be comfortable), a solid sweatshirt is another option for your costume. Pull together a high pony with a scrunchie to add VSCO-girl flair to your look.

This Hydro Flask Squad That Shows All Its Classic Colors

We love a good group brand costume! Grab your friends, pick your favorite Hydro Flask color (ours is Pacific, obviously), and head out.

This Duo Who Went Hydro Chic and Was Extremely Accurate

The oversize shirt, baggy, casual style gives this costume a bit of a youthful Ariana Grande sans-pants vibe. The Hydro Flask writing on the hem shows attention to detail.

These People Who Put Stickers on Their Hydro Flask Costumes, Because of Course

What is a Hydro Flask without a bunch of stickers plastered on it? So why not add that special, authentic touch to your costume, too? Add print-outs, stickers, and patches to your shirt for that lived-in look, like people at this high school did.

This Person Who Totally Went the DIY Route

Don't want to go the easy route? Fashion a realistic Hydro Flask from paper. We'd, uh, recommend eye holes and arm holes so that you can safely move around, though.