15 Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Make VSCO Girls Everywhere Say, "Sksksksk"

One of the most relevant costumes for 2019 isn't spooky or elaborate. All you need are some pieces of clothing and accessories you probably already have in your closet, and in minutes, you can transform into one of the year's most popular memes, the VSCO girl. When you think about it, the laid-back aesthetic of a VSCO girl makes for the perfect Halloween costume: it's easily identifiable, but you don't need to spend hours sewing together a costume or applying intricate makeup to pull it off. Not to mention, these clothes are comfortable. Keep reading for plenty of VSCO girl inspiration and to see just how you can tap into their low-key style this Halloween.

A Whole VSCO Vibe

Assemble a few items from this VSCO starter pack for a quick and easy costume. Accessories are key: you'll need a scrunchie, the Hydro Flask, the backpack, and a puka shell necklace.

Denim Vest and Hair Clips

This look is all about the hair accessories. Layer several statement barrettes — all in the same color family, but with different styles — and finish it off with a tie-dye top and a casual denim vest.

Slouchy Pants

Casual style is central to a VSCO girl costume, so grab a pair of slouchy, comfy jeans, and pair them with a knit top and a scrunchie.

Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

An oversize, tie-dye sweatshirt with yoga pants perfectly captures the VSCO vibe. Finish the look with little-to-no makeup and a messy ponytail.

High-Waisted Shorts and Scrunchies

A casual, striped top pairs perfectly with cuffed, high-waisted denim shorts. Add a scrunchie or bracelet, along with a reusable drink tumbler and a metal straw.

Oversize T-Shirt

A VSCO girl never looks like she's trying too hard, so an oversize tee with a business logo (real or fake) is just right. Tuck it into high-waisted denim shorts and throw on some white Converse.

Graphic Tee and Tall Socks

Grab an oversize graphic tee and pair it with comfy denim shorts. Add tall white socks, a scrunchie on your wrist, and — for a bit of a twist — a puka shell anklet!

VSCO School Girl

A Fjällrävan backpack in a bright, pretty color is one unmistakeable hallmark of a VSCO girl. For an easy Halloween costume, just put on jeans and a tee, throw your hair into a casual ponytail, and head out with one of these signature backpacks in tow.

White T-Shirt and Loose Jeans

A pair of strategically ripped, cuffed jeans has been a wardrobe staple for years. You can combine them with a simple white tee and sneakers for a chill VSCO vibe.

Oversize Sweatshirt and Shell Necklace

If you're always a little cold on Halloween, throw a soft, oversize sweatshirt over jeans or leggings, then add a puka shell choker for a simple but cozy costume.

Denim Skirt and Graphic Tee

Denim shorts are a VSCO girl staple, but if you want to change up your costume a little, why not pair the classic tee with a denim skirt instead?

Long T-Shirt and Birkenstocks

Long, baggy T-shirts are essential for the VSCO girl aesthetic. So, grab one long enough to hit your thighs and throw on some Birkenstocks!

Oversize Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Tie-dye has made a major comeback thanks to VSCO girls, so embrace the rainbow vibes with an oversize tee. Add several Pura Vida bracelets and a baseball cap to look effortlessly cool.

Beachy VSCO Vibes

You can at least pretend it's Summer with a beachy VSCO girl costume. Throw on an oversize, baggy tee over shorts, then add a puka shell necklace and a Fjällrävan backpack.

Graphic Tee and Denim

A slightly baggy graphic tee tucked into denim shorts is a classic VSCO girl look. Add sunglasses and bracelets, and let your hair fly free to finish off the look!