16 Life Hacks All Women Absolutely Should Know

Being a woman isn't always easy, so we've gathered up all kinds of cool hacks that will make life a little more simple. From getting out pesky deodorant stains to DIY jewelry stands, breaking in shoes, and even a nifty bottle opener trick, these tips will surely make life much easier (and cheaper, too!). Don't go another minute without knowing these simple tools to live. Seriously, once you learn them, you'll be shocked you've gone this long without them! Check out how you can take your daily routines to the next level with the tips ahead.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes


Deodorize Pants

Put your jeans in a plastic bag and throw them in the freezer overnight to get rid of any bad odors.

Plastic-Bottle Jewelry Stand
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Plastic-Bottle Jewelry Stand

Create a jewelry stand from the bottoms of Mountain Dew bottles; just thread them together with a metal rod. Get more instructions here.

Painted Keys
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Painted Keys

Paint your keys with nail polish so you remember which one opens which door.

Ice Cube Tray Organizer
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Ice Cube Tray Organizer

Organize your jewelry with an ordinary ice cube tray.


Wine-Bottle Jewelry Stand

When you're done with your wine, turn the bottles into chic jewelry holders.


Cheese Grater Earring Stand

Paint a cheese grater, and hang your earrings on it for a fun and unusual earring stand.

Get the Most Out of Your Makeup
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Get the Most Out of Your Makeup

When you're running low on liquid foundation, put it next to your blow dryer for 15 seconds. This allows the foundation to melt and come out of the bottle more easily.

Breaking In Shoes
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Breaking In Shoes

You probably loathe breaking in shoes. Just take a thick pair of socks, wear shoes, and then use a hair dryer to blow on the tightest corners. Keep repeating until the shoes fit comfortably!


ChapStick Bank

Hide money in an empty ChapStick — perfect for when you're traveling or walking in unsafe areas.

Put On a Bracelet by Yourself
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Put On a Bracelet by Yourself

Simply stick a length of tape over the bracelet on your wrist, and it's so easy to make the connection.


Preserve Your Jewelry

Paint your rings and earrings with clear nail polish to keep them from tarnishing.


Organize Cords

Keep all your electronic cords untangled by fastening them with hair ties or ribbons.


Open Bottles

No bottle opener around? Use an eyelash curler to take off bottle caps.


Flat-Iron Your Clothes

Don't worry about buying an iron; use your straightener and/or hair dryer to get rid of wrinkles.


Prevent Runs in Your Tights

If you get a snag in your tights, spray hair spray on it and the hole won't get any bigger.


Remove Deodorant Marks

If you have a pesky deodorant mark on your shirt, take tights or nylons and rub them on the stain — it will come right out.