Get Your Meme Fix This Halloween With These 12 Hilarious Costume Ideas

A spooky costume may be the epitome of Halloween to some, but to others, an A+ Halloween costume requires a belly laugh from a friend. If you want an outfit that'll make your peers LOL by the looks of it, these meme-tastic costume ideas will do the trick. From Bernie Sanders's classic mittens at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration to Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian's one-of-a-kind Met Gala looks, there are so many viral moments to choose from for costume inspo this year. Keep reading for some of the best memes of 2021 and see how to re-create the looks for your next Halloween party. Bonus: there are plenty of costume ideas for one, two, or a whole crew!

Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden

Cold Bernie Sanders at the 2021 presidential inauguration was no joke . . . except it was. Seeing Bernie nestled up, socially distanced, looking completely unimpressed was a mood we all could relate to. Cropping Bernie into old historical photos, album covers, and more, this picture is worth a thousand words.

  • What to wear: Become Bernie by wearing a mask, a utilitarian brown jacket, and knit brown and white mittens. Bonus points if you carry a folding chair around with you to do the signature Bernie seated stance.
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The Cat Lawyer Zoom Call

This video call was so bizarre but certainly gave us a laugh in the midst of stay-at-home orders. If you missed it, essentially this lawyer could not get a cat filter off of his Zoom call for his court hearing, and it was so hilarious.

  • What to wear: Print off the cat filter and use it as a mask, or simply dress up as a cat. You can even get friends involved to represent the other court staff by dressing in suits.
Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda From And Just Like That . . .

Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda From And Just Like That . . .

First and foremost: the reboot of Sex and the City's And Just Like That . . . is beyond exciting, but when Cynthia Nixon tweeted "And just like that, it was day one!! πŸ₯°πŸŽ¬πŸŒ‡β€οΈ" the internet had a field day β€” where was Kim Cattrall? This resulted in the photoshopping of another "character" into the picture and was quite entertaining.

  • What to wear for Charlotte: In the Sex and the City reboot, Charlotte's vibe is an update on her coquettish, retro-leaning style from the series in a fitted pencil skirt and an off-the-shoulder blouse. To copy this style, dress in head-to-toe black with a skirt, a blouse, heels, and a bag.
  • What to wear for Carrie: Not much appears to have changed about Carrie's style, and we love it! To copy it, wear a high-waisted gingham skirt with a white top and a long off-white cardigan.
  • What to wear for Miranda: Miranda's look feels business chic, with a soft button-down and slouchy trousers. Copy the look for Halloween and beyond.
  • Wear anything you want for the fourth character!

Steve From Blue's Clues

In honor of Blue's Clues 25th anniversary, Steve made us tear up when he created this video about his abrupt exit from the show. He gave us a bit of an update, and reminded us we're all still his friends β€” how cute!

  • What to wear: Not much has changed about Steve from Blue's Clues over the years besides his hipster glasses and hat! To embody Steve's new age style, wear a striped green collared shirt, khakis, clear glasses, and a flat-brimmed hat.

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala was something we couldn't overlook β€” just look at Kim's outfit! The internet went crazy with an outpour of memes within hours of the event, and honestly, they're so relatable.

  • What to wear for Kendall: To pull off Kendall's Met Gala look, wear a sheer jeweled dress with a sparkly choker.
  • What to wear for Kim: To channel Kim's anonymous black Balenciaga look, dress in all black from head to toe. Try wearing a ski mask or panty hose to cover your face, and don't forget to wear a black cape!
Frank Ocean at the 2021 Met Gala

Frank Ocean at the 2021 Met Gala

While we loved Frank Ocean's green hair and black Prada outfit at the Met Gala, it was his robotic green baby that caught everyone's attention; the look was practically made to be a meme!

  • What to wear: To copy this look, wear a casual black outfit and pick up a green baby at your local store. If you can't find one, paint it green!
Tom Daley Knitting at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics
Getty | Clive Rose

Tom Daley Knitting at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Many of us picked up hobbies during stay-at-home orders, and Tom Daley's hobby of choice was knitting. Spotted on the sidelines of the women's 3-meter springboard final and later the men's 3-meter springboard preliminary round crafting his latest creations, it was certainly entertaining.

  • What to wear: Become Tom Daley by wearing a blue tank top, matching athletic shorts, a face mask, and some pink yarn with knitting needles.
Container Ship That Blocked the Suez Canal

Container Ship That Blocked the Suez Canal

Back in May, a huge container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal. Enter, memes galore.

  • What to wear: One person should dress as the crane wearing yellow while another should dress as the Evergreen ship cutting out a piece of cardboard, looping thread through it (to place around your neck), and attaching a picture of the ship. This costume could even be fit for a trio if someone decides to dress as the canal!

Embarrassed Clown

Constantly feeling like a fool? TikTokers showed off their clownish selves by following this trend, which is based on a psychedelic clown filter.

  • What to wear: Go all out with face paint by purchasing one of every color of the rainbow. The outfit doesn't matter β€” anything in your closet will do.
The Weeknd's Super Bowl LV Halftime Show Performance
Getty | Kevin Mazur

The Weeknd's Super Bowl LV Halftime Show Performance

The Weeknd gave us everything we wanted and more during his Super Bowl LV halftime show performance at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. His all-black outfit and sparkly red jacket were hard to ignore.

  • What to wear: Embody The Weeknd by wearing a black collared shirt, tie, pants, and gloves. Top it off with a sparkly red jacket.
Baby Yoda March 2020 vs. Yoda March 2021
Everett Collection

Baby Yoda March 2020 vs. Yoda March 2021

How relatable is this?! Young and fresh Baby Yoda was us in March 2020 and the original Yoda was us in March 2021: aged and exhausted.

  • What to wear: Head to your local Halloween shop to find yourself a Baby Yoda and Yoda costume β€” we guarantee any place that sells costumes will have them.

Zoom Meeting Audio vs. Video

Raise your hand if this is you! The scruffy dog on the left (audio only) looks like it could use a bath. The dog on the right (with video) is clean-cut and ready to go!

  • What to wear: Grab your friend and decide who is audio-only and who is video, and then dress the part! Hint: for the audio-only costume, you can pretty much roll out of bed and go!