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Bernie Sanders at the Presidential Inauguration Was a Mood

25 Relatable Moods Bernie Sanders Exuded at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration

When the Zoom meeting could have been an email.
  When your mom made you attend your brother's soccer practice but said you couldn't bring the iPad.
  When you have to sit at the kids' table for Thanksgiving dinner, even though you're a grown adult.
  When all of your cousins went outside to "get some air," but you have to stay and watch the kids.
  When your mom said y'all were leaving "in a minute," and it's been two hours.
  When you're on your morning commute thinking about all the stuff you have to do that morning.
  When your dad told you to wait in the car, but he took the keys and you can't play music.
  When they told you to be at the place early, but no one else is there. 
  When you scheduled your hair appointment for 9:30 a.m., but someone else is already in the chair, and you have to wait for them to finish.

In case you were wondering, Jan. 20 has been a big day for the US as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were officially sworn in. The former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama were there, dripping in style and serving inspirational messages of hope. Lady Gaga — in her finest Effie Trinket look — sang the national anthem, followed by Jennifer Lopez's rendition of "This Land Is Your Land" and poet Amanda Gorman's history-making poetry reading. People from all over the world showed up for this historic inaugural celebration, but there's one man who showed up with such aplomb that it struck a chord within everyone tiptoeing the line of "celebrating the immense significance of today" and "emotionally done." And that's Bernie Sanders.

Sporting a simple combo of a very familiar coat, his mask, and some adorable mittens, Bernie showed up for the presidential inauguration with an energy so relatable, it's almost nameless. Although there's no doubt that the Vermont senator understands the gravity and significance of the day, the captured images of him exude such an air of "over it" that we can't help but relate. It's giving "ready to get started on the work" while everyone is chilling. It's the same vibes as that the one person in a group project who will try to take all the work because they don't trust anyone else to get their parts done. And it's all done with a pair of mittens that were gifted to him on the campaign trail by Vermont teacher Jen Ellis more than two years ago. They're made from repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled bottles, which makes perfect sense with Bernie's progressive environmental platform.

In appreciation for Bernie's energy, we have come up with over 20 situations where we've felt the same and hope that he knows how much we cherish this bright spot of humor he gave us today.

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