This Unreal National Park in Croatia Will Make Your Damn Jaw Drop (It's Made of 16 Lakes!)

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia has officially made it to the top of our travel lists. The stunning 72,896-acre forest reserve is made up of a chain of 16 tiered lakes connected by waterfalls — all of which will take your breath away. Visitors can explore the various forest communities and meadows on foot via hiking trails that wind along the water, by electric train, or by electric boat.

The upper lakes consist of 12 bodies of water, while the remaining four make up the lower portion. Other park features include the Korana River, the underground Supljara cave, and the 256-foot Veliki Slap waterfall.

Admission to Plitvice Lakes costs 55 HRK ($9 USD) to 180 HRK ($28 USD), depending on the season; it's a small fee to see one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. This unreal piece of work by Mother Nature is only one of the many reasons Croatia is rising as a travel hot spot — a recent spike in tourism has even made the country cut back on entry to certain locations. But we think it's jaw-dropping enough on its own to make a trip over worthwhile.

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