People Captured What the Eclipse Looked Like From a Plane, and It's Insanely Cool

We just witnessed history. As the total solar eclipse made its way across North America, people gathered to watch the incredible phenomenon that was unlike anything most of us have ever seen. And while many viewed it from the ground (hopefully with the proper eyewear), a few lucky people got to experience the eclipse while in flight.

Several videos of the eclipse, as seen from the viewpoint of travelers on a plane, are making their way around the internet, and they are insanely cool. The moment the full eclipse occurs looks like something out of a surreal (and kind of eerie) movie, even more so since it's seen from the sky. Watch the videos ahead to see the amazing footage.

Footage of plane flying through #SolarEclipse2017

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) August 21, 2017

Someone caught the #SolarEclipse2017 during a flight!

— Umair Siddiqui (@OfficialUmairS) August 21, 2017