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10 Studying Tips to Survive Finals

10 Studying Tips to Help You Survive Finals

10 Studying Tips to Survive Finals
Image Source: Burst / Sarah Pflug

Finals can be one of the most stressful times in a student's life. And if you're a freshman or a senior in high school or college, it can feel borderline crippling. Having six essays to write and three tests to study for, all while being told how much your future depends on them, can be . . . a lot. You also want to stay healthy, sane, and somewhat social, but can you even do that without constantly feeling like you're losing your mind? Well, take a deep breath, because there are ways to make it to the other side of finals in one (happy) piece. Keep reading for 10 tips that should help you stay calm, get your studying done, and still manage to prioritize your self-care routine. You got this!

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