This Full-Moon-in-Virgo Limpia Ritual Will Clear the Way For Your Dreams to Bloom

The full moon in Virgo is a great time to watch how things have unfolded from the manifestations set forth during the corresponding new moon that took place in August of last year. As your wishes come true, what will you do with them?

Virgo's steadfast approach to detail and perfection can help to put things in order to fully execute your dreams. But you may have to pump the brakes a bit, so you don't get too ahead of yourself. Remember that you don't have to live out all your dreams in one day. But one action today can be the first step in welcoming a newly elevated self that can get things done like never before. There may be a few things you must leave behind to get to that next level of self. But rest assured, you've got everything you need already to journey through this life with happiness and joy and face the obstacles as they may come.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of exact and critical communication, Virgos wish for what they want and have no problem putting it out there for the Universe to hear and feel. That confidence in the ability to wish for things and then see them through to fruition is something everyone wants a piece of even if you're not a Virgo. So tap into that energy during the full moon with its shine spotlighting your ideal life and your heart providing the spark of creation to bring it into your orbit.

When Is the Full Moon in Virgo?

The Virgo full moon will be at its peak on March 7 at 7:40 a.m. ET. You may be able to see it along with the morning sun, but it's likely to be much bolder and brighter at dusk. Look out for the beautifully illuminated moon the night before and after as well.

What Does the 2023 Full Moon in Virgo Mean?

The Virgo full moon is a time for getting things done and done well. It's about putting things into perspective, laying it all out before taking action to check things off that to-do list that was starting to collect dust.

Virgos strive for perfection in all that they do. If a task is worth doing, they will do it well. But be sure to practice balance during this full-moon energy because Virgos can work a bit too hard with a laser-sharp focus on the little details, which causes them to lose sight of the bigger goal. Ease into this go-getter energy and allow it to inspire and awaken you rather than provoke anxiety.

This earth sign is so tied to its earthly goals and desires that the need for grounding is important. Consider sitting outside under the light of the full moon and soaking in the energy to feel pure joy and confidence in all that you do. After all, Virgo is represented by the Virgin, symbolizing purity and innocence. From that place, great things can be created.

The Virgo full moon is also known as the Full Worm Moon, which arrives in March when the first worms start peaking their heads out of the soil to see what new growth is forming around them. It's a welcoming of spring and the newness it brings.

So much optimism and justice surround this full moon. Tap into that energy to guide you on your own path of growth and greatness.

What Is the Spirit-Cleansing Prayer to Say For March's Full Moon in Virgo?

Great Mystery, I lean on your powerful strength to help me find balance in bringing my dreams to life while knowing what I need to let go of in order to do so. Reassure me that my intuition is as strong as I feel it is and that my ancestors are assisting me every step of the way as I feel them to be. As I heal, I heal them and the next generation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With the Full Moon in Virgo?

The Hermit – Powerful wisdom is gained during times of solitude. Virgos are generally social people, but hidden deep within is an introvert that needs love, too. Honor that.

What Chakra Goes Well With the Full Moon in Virgo?

Throat Chakra – Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is all about communication. When this Earth sign needs to speak up whether in public or through personal dialog with the Universe, they do it well.

Spiritual-Cleansing Limpia Recipe For the Full Moon in Virgo


Green candle

Dill, marjoram, caraway, or mint herbs

Green jade, citrine, fluorite, or moss agate crystals

Sea salt and Epsom salt

Sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo

Agua de Florida (Florida Water)

Poppy, buttercup, or chrysanthemum flowers

Juniper berry, lavender, or petitgrain essential oils


1. Begin by cleaning your space and your body. A quick little dip in the shower to wash away physical dirt before your spiritual cleansing.

2. Next, put a big pot of water on the stove to boil. Once it comes to a gentle boil add a few good handfuls of the herbs you'd like to use. Lower and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. As your herbs are simmering, light some sage, sweet grass, or palo santo and allow the smoke to waft around your space. You can even pass it over the pot of simmering herb water. Pray and give thanks to the herbs, the water, and the smoke for all coming together in this intentional space you're creating.

4. Light your candle and place it somewhere you'd like to see its glowing light. It can be in the bathroom or maybe you're going to journal after your limpia so you can place the candle on a table near where you'd like to sit. Add a cup of tea to the mix for the perfect after-limpia ritual.

5. Place a vase with some of your flowers near the candle and the crystals you want to use.

6. Once your herbs are done simmering, remove them from the heat and strain. Keep the herb water in a bowl and add ½ cup of sea salt and ½ of Epsom salt. Mix with your hands as you move and sway and sing and dance. Remember, energy moves, and you are energy.

7. Add several splashes of Florida Water followed by drops of the essential oils you'd prefer to use. A go-to for the Virgo full moon is lavender because it can soothe the anxious energy that may come up with the surge of ambition to fulfill your goals. A mix of juniper berry and lavender is pure bliss!

8. Finally, top off your limpia blend with flower petals. Then take the bowl to the shower with you, or if you're lucky enough to be able to do this outside, it's quite powerful to do so in the light of the full moon. As you pray and set your intentions, slowly pour the limpia over your head and shoulders, feeling it roll down your body, cleansing all that you no longer need, and creating space for all that is to come.

Remember that little candle, flower, and crystal altar you created? Now would be the time to wrap yourself in a soft, comfy robe, or adorn yourself in silk, and sit down to reveal to the world what you truly want.