From Home Decor to Fashion, Australian Influencer Flex Mami's Account Is Like a Colorful Rainbow

If you're scrolling through Instagram and catch a flash of colorful checkerboard print or a vibrant twisted candle, you've probably been blessed with a glimpse of Flex Mami's (aka Lillian Ahenkan) showstopping Instagram page. With a home full of abstract DIY furniture, an enviable wardrobe, and a dynamic personality to match, Flex is a bright spot in the digital world who'll have you itching to put on the rainbow-tinted glasses in your own life. As an Australian TV presenter, DJ, designer, and podcaster, Flex has a lot on her plate — no, literally, she even made her own plates for her website! But by doing so many things, she just gives us too many reasons to love her. Here are some of our favorite things about Flex Mami that'll make you slam the "Follow" button ASAP.

She's a DIY Queen

Flex has a knack for seeing great potential in furniture from Facebook Marketplace or thrift stores. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and apply a fresh paint job or use power tools to shape furniture the way she wants it. But be warned: this is a boring-decor-free zone!

She Doesn't Gatekeep Black Creativity

With the talent and creative eye she has, Flex could easily pull away from promoting other Black Australian creators and dominate the space. However, Flex seeks to make sure her followers are exposed to numerous voices of color. Her sense of community is a rare gem in such a competitive space.

She Gives Us Rainbow-Wardrobe Envy

If you're looking for colorful outfit inspiration, look no further than Flex Mami. Using bright colors, contrasting textures, and unique silhouettes, Flex styles outfits that are almost like technicolor works of art.

She's Candid About Racism

The year 2020 was one in which many people finally felt comfortable talking about racism and violence against Black people after the murder of George Floyd. Flex Mami didn't hold back when she explained how oppression against Black people has been happening for years and how she talks "constantly about race not just when it's trendy." This take was a breath of fresh air after many influencers and brands took to posting things that felt performative and left Black followers with a bad taste in their mouths.

She's a Self-Care Advocate

Flex frequently encourages her followers to be diligent with self-care. Whether it's sexual, mental, or physical health, she's going to remind you to take care of yourself! You can even listen to her get more in depth about these topics on her podcast, Bobo & Flex, made in collaboration with philosopher Bobo Matjila.

She's Funny as Hell

Flex keeps it real on her Instagram and isn't afraid to joke around. From clips of her reading the new Twilight book to reposting hilarious memes, Flex packs a more colorful punch by making you laugh. Her Instagram feels like a private account for friends that you've been exclusively invited to join.

Her Merch Is Out of This World

You didn't know you needed a blob coaster or an ebook about having better conversations until you saw them on Flex Mami's merch website, Flex Factory. You'll find all your home-decor needs and even conversational card games for your next virtual game night with friends. Everything, including the packaging, is on par with Flex's bold aesthetic so you can have a piece of her colorful world in your own home!