11 Facts About Deja Foxx, the Activist Who Might Just Be Our Future President

If activist and digital creator Deja Foxx isn't already on your radar, she absolutely should be. (She might just be our future president, after all.) The 21-year-old divides her time between studying at Columbia, being a digital creator for Ford Models, and running GenZ Girl Gang, the inclusive community of womxn and femmes that offers community events, mentorship opportunities, and informational digital content that she helped create. Deja also fiercely advocates for sex education and reproductive health access through partnerships with organizations like Planned Parenthood. Oh, and did we mention she was a strategist for Kamala Harris's presidential campaign when she was just 19? Yeah, she gets sh*t done.

The multifaceted feminist is a must-follow on Instagram, and is always updating her followers on new projects, fundraisers, and ways they can get involved in their own communities. To learn more about Deja and the truly inspiring and empowering moves she's making to change the world for the better (and living her best life while doing it), keep reading.


She Was the Youngest Staffer Across 2020 Presidential Campaigns When She Worked For Kamala Harris

Deja was not just the youngest at Kamala's HQ, she was also the youngest across all the campaigns! At just 19, Deja was the Influencer and Surrogate Strategist for Kamala Harris For The People. She was offered the job after asking Vice President Harris to be her Future Global Leaders Fellowship mentor. Spoiler alert: she got not only a mentor, but a job too!


In 2017, Deja Went Viral For Asking Senator Jeff Flake: “Why Would You Deny Me the American Dream?"

The same day a controversial law Senator Jeff Flake voted in favor of was passed, a 16-year-old Deja attended his town hall meeting to speak her mind. The law, House Joint Resolution 43, lets states withhold federal Title X funding from Planned Parenthood. Deja passionately questioned why, as a privileged middle-aged white man, it was the Republican Arizona Senator's "right" to take away "her right to choose Planned Parenthood." YES, Deja!


Deja Also Called Out People Who Said They Voted For Donald Trump As “Kind of a Joke”

In Vice's Conservatives and Progressives Debate Feminism panel, a conservative panelist defended voting for Trump in 2016, saying that part of it was "kind of a joke." Deja boldly responded with, "I want to speak to the privilege that that holds for that election to be a joke for you." And Deja is absolutely right. When so much was at stake during both the 2016 and 2020 elections due to the racist former president, many people's lives — especially the lives of people of color — actually depended on it.


Deja's Adversity Fuels Her Passion and Activism

Deja shared on her website that she experienced homelessness at 15 years old and grew up on food stamps, which made her realize how policies surrounding reproductive rights and her school's sex education system disadvantaged her. This motivated her to organize a Sex Education Curriculum Review Board for the Tucson Unified School District in her hometown. She encourages young people getting into politics to consider what issues are impacting them personally, how they can use their personal experiences to guide their efforts, and who is in their personal network that they can tap for help.


Deja Is Filipina-American and Stresses That AAPI Women Don't "Have One Look"

Deja shared on Instagram that she has struggled to see her intersecting identities represented in both the media and her "own construction of what it meant to be AAPI." She says that she's still working on it and "finding ways to exist outside of boxes and be true to my lived experience while honoring my heritage," and reminds anyone who feels similarly that they are not alone.


Deja Wants to Be Her Authentic Self Online, and Encourages Others to Do the Same

She told Rolling Stone, "I make it a part of my activism to post up in my bikini on Instagram and with a vibrator, because why not? Because I want to show up as the most whole and authentic version of myself, because at the end of the day, I am going to be president and I expect to be a representative of people." She refuses to be confined to one idea of who she should be, and encourages others to do the same, adding, "You can post up with vibrators and you can work on a presidential campaign and you can be the whole and authentic version of yourself."


Deja Received Planned Parenthood's Catalyst For Change Award

Deja was given Planned Parenthood's Catalyst For Change Award for her advocacy for sex education and reproductive rights. She has also received several other honors, including being named a Teen Vogue 21 Under 21 person to watch and being listed on the Dazed 100.


Deja Has Wanted to Be President of the United States Since Third Grade

She told yahoo.com that she "wanted to be President in third grade, but it wasn't until college when I felt like I could say it out loud." And we can't wait to watch her get there!


She's the First in Her Family to Attend College

Deja is on a full ride to Columbia University *and* made the Dean's List. She took time off to work for Vice President Kamala Harris' 2020 Presidential campaign, but has since returned to school.


For her 21st Birthday, She Raised $4,700 For Youth on Their Own

For Deja's 21st birthday, she asked supporters to donate to Youth on Their Own, a program that supports the success of youth experiencing homelessness. She reminded followers that "your future president, youngest campaign staffer, Founder, or Ivy League student could be the same person hustling for minimum wage at the gas station right now" - and it is essential to invest in their potential.


Deja Has a Tattoo With a Sweet Connection to Her Time on Kamala's Campaign Trail

While Deja showed off a temporary tattoo as part of a collaboration with Ink Box on her Instagram that read, "They say you can't be what you can't see. I dare to see it in myself," she also has some real ink. "I have a tattoo of fearless on my arm in Kamala Harris's handwriting dedicated to my time on the campaign," she told POPSUGAR, adding that her desk was under the wall that was painted with the word "fearless."