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Best Apps For Making Friends

These 8 Friend-Finding Apps Will Help You Make New Connections in Real Life

Best Apps For Making Friends

We've all been there — you're at a new stage in your life, whether it's starting college, moving to a new city on your own, or just realizing that you need to end a few toxic relationships, and you want to make new friends. While instantly bonding with someone and becoming BFFs was so simple when you were a kid, it gets trickier (and more awkward) the older you get. And in this age of social media, you can deal with the same woes with friendships that you do with dating (i.e. being ghosted).

But social media can also work to your advantage. If you want to make real-life connections with new people but aren't sure where to start, these eight friendship apps can help. Whether it's finding people who are passionate about the same hobbies you are or just getting to know your neighbors, these apps let you take that initial first step so that bonding in real life is less stressful. Keep reading to learn more about these great friendship apps, and get ready to expand your social circle with people who just . . . get you.

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