Apple AirTags Give Me Peace of Mind While Traveling — and They're Now on Major Sale

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If you've been online recently, you've likely heard about all the turmoil going on at airports all across the globe. From staffing shortages to flight delays and cancellations, traveling this year has been turbulent, to say the least. I recently went on vacation in Europe, and though I'm typically a carry-on-only type of traveler (last summer I went around the US for three weeks with just a carry-on suitcase), there were too many events, destinations, and climates on this trip, so a checked bag was required. Though we didn't have any issues getting to Europe from the US, it was impossible not to notice the swarms of people and mountains of bags piled up at the airport while we waited at baggage claim.

On the way home, I panicked, and ordered Apple AirTags ($87, originally $99) for my whole family. They made our experience getting home so much less stressful, and I'd recommend them to anyone traveling right now. Better yet, they're also currently on major sale at Amazon.

What I Like About Apple AirTags

I thought these little devices were brilliant. They're tiny; all four fit in the palm of my hand, as shown above. They took about 30 seconds to set up; all you need is your iPhone close by, and they pair automatically. I bought a four-pack because my family had four checked bags, and I named each one for the colored luggage tag on each bag, so I would know which was which. Using the Find My app that's installed on all iPhones, I was able to track our bags from check-in until takeoff, and again when we landed back in the States. I saw them all together in the European airport, and I was even able to track, based on an airport map, that they moved with us when we had to change planes due to an electrical issue. Sure, I was a little paranoid, but it made me feel that much better after hearing about almost everyone I knew losing their luggage. When we landed, I was able to see one of the Apple Airtags immediately at our airport, which gave me peace of mind knowing the others would follow shortly, which they did. They're affordable and easy to use; I'll be taking them with me on every trip.


What's Worth Noting About Apple AirTags

There is an important distinction to be made about Apple AirTags ($28); when something is far away, like for example, at the bottom of an airplane, the technology relies on the Find My Network from all kinds of other Apple devices to help pick it up. For a traveler, this means that if your item was left at an airport, it will likely pick up a signal, but if it's in cargo, where there theoretically aren't lots of other Apple devices turned on, it might not locate. Once it gets in better range, where there are more devices around it, it will pick up the location.

Who Apple AirTags Are Best For

These devices are best for people who travel a lot, or who are always misplacing things like their keys or wallet. They're also best for people with Apple devices, as they pair automatically with your iPhone.

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Additional Details

If you buy Apple AirTags ($28, originally $30) from the Apple store, they can be delivered to your home or business for a small fee. I paid $8 and had them sent directly to my house; they arrived in less than two hours, and saved me so much stress. You can also name each AirTag anything you like, and use a corresponding emoji, so you'll always know which is which.

Where Apple AirTags Are Available

You can find Apple AirTags at the Apple website, as well as Walmart ($28) and Target.