You Can Find Your Musical Aura Thanks to Spotify's New Feature

POPSUGAR Photography | Theresa Massony
POPSUGAR Photography | Theresa Massony

Following many days of anticipation, 2021 Spotify Wrapped is officially available for viewing and listening, and as your most-played songs and artists of 2021 slowly unraveled on your screen, you likely noticed a new Spotify Wrapped feature tucked into the story: Spotify's Audio Auras. After a few slides detailing your music-listening habits over the last year, your 2021 Spotify Wrapped should show a slide titled "Your Audio Aura," a gradient, fluid combination of colors meant to correspond to the melodic vibe of your most-listened-to music. TBH, this part of 2021 Spotify Wrapped was almost more fun than realizing how unpredictable my music taste is.

What Is Spotify's Audio Aura?

The Spotify Audio Aura plays on the spiritual concept of someone's aura, or the colorful field of energy that supposedly surrounds a living being. If you've ever had your aura read or photographed, you'll know that certain aura colors correspond with certain personality traits or the outward energy someone gives off. For example, a bright red aura is often associated with high energy and willpower, whereas a blue aura is seen as calm and imaginative. Your Spotify Audio Aura is essentially the same concept, but rather than focusing on your own energy, it's pulling from the energy of your favorite music. To bring this feature to life, the brand collaborated with renowned aura reader and author Mystic Michaela to connect certain feelings to common aura colors and thus to certain types of music. In the image above from my own Spotify Wrapped, my Audio Aura is mainly blue with hints of pink and purple, which Spotify likens to wistful and kind music moods. But, depending on your own taste in music, the possibilities are endless, with descriptors like "yearning," "intense," and "chill" popping up in others' Audio Auras. Overall, it's a fun way to be more in tune with your music senses and your own personality.

How Do I Find My Spotify Audio Aura?

The easiest way to find your Spotify Audio Aura is to navigate to your 2021 Spotify Wrapped, which you can find in a few places. If you've yet to play your Spotify Wrapped Story, you should see a pop-up upon opening your app, which will take you directly to your video. There are also Spotify Wrapped banners on your home page, which will take you to a dedicated Spotify Wrapped page consisting of a link to your own story, as well as a host of end-of-year playlists. Click on the banner titled "See how you listened in 2021," and watch until you see the slide titled "Your Audio Aura."

What If I Can't See My Spotify Audio Aura?

Assuming you can see your 2021 Spotify Wrapped video, you should be able to find your Audio Aura. However, if you're having trouble finding your Spotify Wrapped Story to begin with, it's possible your app hasn't been fully updated. If you still can't see your Spotify Wrapped after quitting and restarting the app, try visiting your phone's app store to ensure you have the latest version of Spotify. Once you've verified you have the most recent update, restart your app. If you're still having trouble, it may be best to visit Spotify's Support Center for troubleshooting tips.