This Photo-Taking App Is All You Need to Up Your Instagram Summer Selfie Game

As we anticipate a season that's going to be filled with nothing less than swimsuit pics galore, finding the perfect app that'll take good photos for you is top of mind. Many Instagram users were overjoyed to have the app Lens Buddy to take their self-timered photos, but leave it to TikTokers to uncover an app that's even better. Meet Photo Timer+. This easy-to-use app makes taking self-timered pictures a breeze, meaning your selfie game is about to level up.

The free app allows users to choose the number of photos they want to take, the length of the photo intervals, and even the shutter's sound. Users of the app have praised the better photo quality and love the fact that the photos are saved directly to their phone's camera roll. With Photo Timer+, taking multiple photos on different delays will let you snap countless bikini pictures for your IG feed in no time. If you're looking to bring the heat this summer, download Photo Timer+ here. "Hot Girl Summer," here we come.