These Signs From the Future Are Kinda Creepy but Totally Possible

Sure, we've heard of drones taking over everyday life and other futuristic technologies. But an Argentina-based designer named Fernando Barbella has taken those ideas and turned them into your new favorite Tumblr account. Called Signs From the Near Future, the page is full of images depicting what traffic signs and other symbols might look like in the times to come.

Today's advances "can be as exciting as they are disturbing, if we think about it," Barbella told the Huffington Post. "The fact is all these things are going to cease being just projects and become part of our reality at any time."

What advances, exactly? Google Glass, for one. Not to mention holograms, jet packs, and, of course, drones.

". . . I chose to show these upcoming advances coexisting with very common places and environments, because at the end of the day, the future always is very similar to the present," he added.

Peep some of the images now, and then follow the account for more conversation-sparking photos. Source: Tumblr user signsfromthenearfuture

Is this his way of telling us how not to be a creep while wearing Google Glass? Source: Tumblr user signsfromthenearfuture