Totoro, Soot Sprites, and Forest Spirits: 40 Enchanting Studio Ghibli Tattoo Ideas

There are no words that accurately describe the experience of watching Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli films, so let's just leave it at "enchanting." Filled with breathtaking artwork, captivating storylines, and beloved characters, Ghibli movies are perfect tattoo fodder — beautiful enough for anyone to appreciate, yet specific enough that only fans will truly understand.

If you're aching to get inked, check out these 40 gorgeous ideas inspired by your favorite films . . . or if going under the needle isn't your speed, simply appreciate the creativity of others' body art!

Chihiro and Haku Flying

Totoro's Profile

Chibi Totoro Finger Tat

Howl and Sophie

Totoro and Branches

Happy Soot Sprites

Totoro Napping

Calcifer Mandala


Soot Sprite

Chihiro and Haku Portrait

Totoro and Soot Sprite Heart

Jiji Ankle Tattoo

Jiji and Kiki's Bow

Rainbow Spirited Away Artwork

Calcifer, Kodama, No Face, and Kiki

Totoro Floral Piece

Fluffy Soot Sprite

Kiki and Jiji Closeup

Watercolor Totoro

Chibi Totoro Under Leaf

Catbus and Totoro

Princess Mononoke Forest

Illustration-Style Harvest Totoro

Dainty Totoro

The Cat Bus

Ankle Calcifer

Howl's Spell

Totoro Bicep Tattoo

Totoro With Mandala Tummy

Howl Portrait

Kodama Portrait

Dainty Jiji

Ghibli Half Sleeve

No Face Thumb Piece