12 TikTok-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Make Your Friends Giggle

Unsplash/Wesley Tingey

TikTok has become our go-to source for delicious recipes, innovative dance moves, and hilarious moments, and it's also one of the best places to find inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. Who needs store-bought witches when you can scare everyone as a sorority girl from #BamaRushTok? And what's a regular, boring pirate compared to an original sea-shanty singer? Win this year's costume contest with one of these creative and unique TikTok-inspired costumes, or consider hosting your own Halloween party and require everyone to come dressed as one of their favorite TikTok trends. If you do, you'll need to make your own TikTok video to document the occasion (obviously). Check out a few of our favorite costume-worthy TikToks in the slides ahead.

Sorority Girls From #BamaRushTok

Dress up like you're rushing a sorority at the University of Alabama by wearing a pastel dress, tons of bracelets, high heels, and curling your hair. Be sure to tell everyone exactly where you got each part of your outfit all day: "these bracelets are from Kendra Scott!"

Common Sense Life Hacks From @khaby.lame

Relate to Khabane Lame's common-sense life hacks? Put on a hoodie, grab a toothbrush and toothpaste, and show everyone how easy it is to simply squeeze your toothpaste on to brush your teeth. Recreating that iconic facial expression is essential for pulling this costume together.

TikTok Job Seeker

There's nothing scarier than applying to jobs. This Halloween, dress up like a TikTok job seeker by wearing your best professional clothes and carrying around a huge resume. Don't forget to tell people all your best qualities all night.

Sea-Shanty Singer

People have been dressing up like pirates for Halloween for ages, but this year, switch it up by becoming a sea-shanty singer. Wear a pirate costume (or hoodie and beanie like @nathanevanss's viral video) and make up fun sea shanties all night long.

Cupcake Friend

Dress up in the sweetest costume of the year and pass out treats to all your friends by following this viral trend based on Fish Hooks and saying, "I like you, have a cupcake!" Feel free to get creative with your outfit because everyone will be staring at the cupcakes anyway!

Come on, Jeffrey, You Can Do It!

Have a funny look from childhood you want to recreate? Or maybe you want to brag about your major glow-up since your puberty years? Simply wear a snazzy outfit and carry around a picture of yourself from childhood. Bonus points if you play this song on your phone all night.

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan

Taylor Swift's first TikTok went viral right when she posted it. You can dress as the president of T-Swift's fan club to show your support for the superstar joining the app. For this costume, wear a black turtleneck, blonde wig with bangs, and the brightest red lipstick. To get fully into character, be sure to respond to everyone with Taylor Swift lyrics all night.

Embarrassed Clown

Constantly feeling like a fool? Show off your clownish self by following this trend, which is based on a psychedelic clown filter. Just paint your face in neon colors to complete this look.

Look Like Your Dad Filter

Remember the filter that makes you look like your dad . . . or, uh, stepdad? Recreate this awkwardly hilarious moment by dressing like your old man (or a man you wish was your father) and painting some extra wrinkles on your face for full effect.

Olympic Gymnast

Everyone went crazy for Sunisa Lee and the US Olympic gymnastics team this year during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Show off your team spirit by dressing in one of these sparkly red, white, and blue uniforms and trying to do some handstands. If that fails, you can always dress up like those super uncomfy-looking cardboard beds instead!

Good Soup Eater

Good soup can solve all of life's problems, right? For this trend, wear comfy clothes and bring a thermos filled with your favorite soup. Then, dip a spoon in the thermos periodically throughout the night and murmur "good soup" quietly to yourself. Props if what's in your thermos isn't actually soup — it'll be fun getting people to guess what you're really sipping.

Thrift Store Babe

Are you an expert thrifter? TikTokers have loved scouring local thrift stores and posting their amazing vintage finds for the world to see. Recreate this trend by doing the same, then show off your totally rad fashion throwback outfit. You'll have a blast telling people you got your entire costume for $5.