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Best Halloween Costumes on TikTok | 2020

These TikTokers Nailed Their Halloween Attire! See Our Favorite Costumes of the Year, Right Here


Who said black girls don’t Cosplay? #fyp #foryou #beyonce #cosplay #blm #auroratights

♬ Partition - Beyoncé

Throwing on a Halloween costume is one thing, but to pull it off in perfect fashion? That's a whole other feat worth recognizing. Thanks to TikTok, we've found a slew of Halloween costumes that have been brought to life — and they're so well done! From Schitt's Creek to Cardi B to Mean Girls and more, these TikToker's do a great job of looking the role and playing the part. Whether they're acting in perfect unison with a TV or movie scene or they've done a crazy cool makeup look, we've rounded up 41 of our favorite TikTok Halloween costumes of the year ahead.

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