These TikTokers Nailed Their Halloween Attire! See Our Favorite Costumes of the Year, Right Here

Throwing on a Halloween costume is one thing, but to pull it off in perfect fashion? That's a whole other feat worth recognizing. Thanks to TikTok, we've found a slew of Halloween costumes that have been brought to life — and they're so well done! From Schitt's Creek to Cardi B to Mean Girls and more, these TikToker's do a great job of looking the role and playing the part. Whether they're acting in perfect unison with a TV or movie scene or they've done a crazy cool makeup look, we've rounded up 41 of our favorite TikTok Halloween costumes of the year ahead.

Disco TikTok Costume

The groovy pink dress, the earrings, the Austin Powers song — we love it all.

Ashy From The Proud Family TikTok Costume

This TikTok is Ashy to a T.

Vector From Despicable Me TIkTok Costume

This TikToker has the exact same dance moves as Vector himself.

Velma and Shaggy From Scooby Doo TikTok Costume

The dog dressed as Scooby Doo is what really does it for us.

'70s Hippy TIkTok Costume

Bell-bottoms, long hair, and a flower headband is the perfect combination for a '70s look.

Good Burger TikTok Costume

This skit from the '90s show Kenan and Kel is priceless.

Clovers Cheerleader From Bring It On TikTok Costume

"I said brr, it's cold in here, there must be some Clovers in the atmosphere!"

Violet From The Incredibles TikTok Costume

This makeup artist used nothing but paint to create this incredible costume.

Sharpay and Ryan From High School Musical 2 TikTok Costume

Even though they're singing "Gotta Go My Own Way" by Gabriella and Troy, this Sharpay and Ryan costume is still so on point.

Cher From Clueless TikTok Costume

This is probably the coolest Cher that we've ever seen, don't you agree?

Princess Peach From Mario TikTok Costume

Because who doesn't love Princess Peach?

Ariel From The Little Mermaid TikTok Costume

From head to toe, this costume hits the nail in the head — or should I say fork?

Skeleton TikTok Costume

The makeup for this costume would take us years to do.

Moana TikTok Costume

Is this the real Moana or . . .?

Vampire TikTok Costume

The detail in this vampire makeup look is unreal, especially the bloody teeth.

Harley Quinn TikTok Halloween Costume

Who needs to buy a costume when your makeup skills are this good?

Beyoncé TikTok Costume

Remember that iconic time Beyoncé played at Coachella? Yeah, us too.

Jillian Holtzmann From Ghostbusters TikTok Costume

"Safety lenses are for dudes."

Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction Costume

This costume may be simple, but it's perfection.

Fembot From Austin Powers TikTok Costume

The music is what really gives us that Austin Power's vibe.

Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz TikTok Costume

Somewhere over the rainbow exists this wonderful Dorothy costume.

ScareCcow From The Wizard of Oz

This scarecrow is far from scary — it's just cute!

Werewolf TikTok Costume

The makeup, the eyes, and the fangs are what give this costume its spooky look.

Catwoman TikTok Costume

It must be nice to live life with nine lives.

Cardi B TikTok Costume

This Cardi B impersonation deserves an award.

Winifred Sanderson From Hocus Pocus TikTok Costume

Becoming Winifred looks easy peasy in this transformation video.

Rue From Euphoria TikTok Costume

This TikToker plays Rue's character so well.

The Mask TikTok Costume

The makeup look for this costume is out this world.

Miley Cyrus TikTok Costume

Excuse me, Miley, is that you?

Ariana Grande TikTok Costume

The ponytail, long sweatshirt, and lollipop is so Ariana.

Anna Wintour TikTok Costume

You really have to have confidence to walk around as Vogue's editor-in-chief.

Soo Yung and Detective James From Rush Hour TikTok Costume

It doesn't get much better than this pairing!

Monster High Dolls TikTok Costume

They absolutely nailed each of these Monster High dolls looks.

Gwen From Total Drama Island TIkTok Costume

Blue lipstick, colored hair, and a big attitude is all it takes to pull this look off.

'70s Dancers TikTok Costume

These '70s dancers have not only the looks, but the moves, too.

Heathers TikTok Costume

"Shut up, Heather!"

Black Widow TikTok Costume

Although the film's not coming out until 2021, this costume gets us excited.

Horror Movie Characters TikTok Costume

This TikTok video gives these characters a less menacing look.