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PS: Jared also has the most amazing eyes. How does he use his hair to play up his piercing baby blues?

CK: For sure. His eyes are one of his strong points. When we decided to color his hair when it got long, [we made sure that] the ombré did not start up high and did not look like highlights. We wanted it more lived-in and natural than that. I didn't want anything too light near his eyes. I wanted it natural around his eyes and then light at the ends.

PS: Do you ever groom his eyebrows?

CK: No, he doesn't do his brows, and he barely shaves. In Dallas Buyers Club, he shaved brows and body hair, and it's funny because he doesn't want anyone to do that in real life. He is a dude in the true sense of the word.

PS: The fact that he's such a pretty dude just adds to his sex appeal.

CK: For sure. For my career, I always thought this would happen with an actress. It was never my intention or his for him to have great hair. I am just there because he has trusted me to cut his hair for the past five or six years. He is a very low-maintenance dude.

PS: Where do you see his hair evolving next? We hear rumors that a haircut is coming!

CK: We always switch it up. We have done everything from the mohawk to mullet and asymmetrical, but this is my favorite of the looks. I like when he wears his hat with his hair tucked behind the ears. We would potentially cut it for a character or a role, but right now, there are no plans to cut it.

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