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PS: So how often do you recommend washing hair?

CK: Washing hair is a personal preference. I am a big fan of dirty hair, so it depends on the person, his or her scalp, and if he or she works out a lot. At most, wash it every other day. If you don't feel clean, then rinse your hair or wet it without cleansing it.

PS: What makes his hair so appealing to both men and women in both sexual and hair-envy ways?

CK: That is a big thing: the hair is on him. If that hair was on someone else, it may not have that power. It's due to him looking great and having great hair. He's a guy, but he is pulling this off. Not a lot of guys could pull off a look that women want. We only did pieces of blond on his hair in September, and we have not touched it since. Women are looking at it, because they see a blend of color — the way his waves hang and separate and it fades to light. Women see it, and that's what they want their hair to do. A lot of guys are growing their hair out, but not a lot of guys can pull this off.

PS: Which actresses have already requested the secrets to his hair color?

CK: I woke up sometimes last week and had Instagrams and messages from people from all over the world. Olivia Wilde and Kat Dennings were asking who did his hair, and they were posting pictures of him, [talking] about their hair envy. It was kind of funny.

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