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Proposal Ideas From Movies: I Do or I Don't?

Mar 20 2015 - 3:05am

Happy National Proposal Day! Each engagement story is unique [1], from the location to the ring to the level of creativity, but when is a proposal too little or too much of a good thing? Well, let's look to Hollywood for answers, because if anyone knows how to do a proposal, then it's the masterminds behind romantic comedies, right? Or no? I'll let you decide. I've rounded up 10 proposal ideas from flicks funny, sweet, and sentimental, so tell me: are these down-on-one-knee moments worthy of the real world, or just the "reel" world?

Source: 20th Century Fox [2]

Proposing With a Shoe

OK, in the first Sex and the City movie, Big didn't propose with just any old shoe, they were Manolos; but would you say yes to the shoe?

In Front of an Audience

Depending on how you feel about public proposals, you may or may not be up [3] for being put on the spot in front of a large audience like what Johnny Cash did to June Carter in Walk the Line.

Without a Ring

While Ben's proposal in Knocked Up is heartfelt, if you were proposed to with an empty box, would you do like Alison and turn the fella down?

On a Holiday

In The Five-Year Engagement, Tom Solomon proposes to Violet on New Year's Eve exactly a year after they met on the holiday. What do you think of a holiday engagement?

Over-the-Top Romance

Rose petals, music, and candles, oh, my! Do you find Lars's proposal in Serendipity sweet and romantic or cliché and cheesy?

Source: Miramax [4]

Ring in a Fortune Cookie

This proposal moment from Bride Wars was pretty cute, but putting rings in food has disaster written all over it. What do you think?

With a Song

Would you find a mile-high musical expression of love like in The Wedding Singer sweet or a bit too much?

With an Ex's Ring

In Leap Year, Declan proposes to Anna with a family heirloom . . . the only downside? It had also been worn by his ex-fiancée. Yay or nay?

In Front of Co-Workers

When Andrew pops the question to Margaret in The Proposal at the end of the flick, he does it at their office. Is mixing your love life with work a no-no?

A Laid-Back Proposal

In Rocky II, Rocky's proposal at the Philadelphia Zoo isn't exactly poetic, but would you choose personal and sentimental over showy and elaborate?

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