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Back-of-the-Neck Tattoo Ideas

60+ Back-of-the-Neck Tattoos That Are Easy to Hide and Fun to Show Off

Back-of-the-Neck Tattoo Ideas
Image Source: Getty/Edward Berthelot

  • Back-of-the-neck tattoos are perfect for anyone looking to get new ink.
  • The area is one of the most painless places to get a tattoo, and the art can be easily hidden.
  • Ahead, we rounded up some of the best back-of-the-neck tattoo inspiration.

If you're searching for the perfect location for your next ink, consider getting a back-of-the-neck tattoo, which can easily be hidden by hair or shown off depending on your mood. If you're a first-timer when it comes to getting inked, it makes sense for a number of different reasons. The location is a relatively small canvas, making the back of neck an ideal spot for a little ink art that may look out of place against larger areas of the body. And while any tattoo will come with a certain level of pain, this spot is considered to be one of the less-painful ones, making it a friendly first-time spot. Additionally, back-of-the-neck tattoos are easily covered, so they're an ideal choice if you don't want an overtly visible piece. When you are looking to show off your ink, opt for an updo or side fishtail braid to complement your art.

To inspire you to consider the back of the neck for your next (or hey, first) tattoo, we've picked some of the best back-of-the-neck tattoos from Instagram. We've rounded up small neck tattoos, large back of neck tattoos, and everything in between. Read on to see our favorites.

— Additional reporting by Renee Rodriguez

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