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Cardi B Nail Art Designs

We Hereby Declare Cardi B the Queen of Outrageously Extra Manicures, OKURRR?

Cardi B Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Getty

Cardi B frequently changes up her style — in the past year she's worn everything from a giant loofah to an elegant, formfitting gown — but you can always count on one constant: insanely over-the-top nails. Each and every time the "Bodak Yellow" singer walks the red carpet, attends an event, or puts on a show, her fingernails are blinged out beyond belief, usually with an assortment of shiny jewels. We're assuming Cardi's manicurist, Jenny Bui, has to wear sunglasses while doing the rapper's nails because they end up being so effing blinding.

Seeing as Cardi B is on the fast track to worldwide domination, we figured it's about time we take a second to appreciate her wildest manicures to date. Admire them in all their extra glory ahead, and you'll develop a newfound respect for her ability to slay a live performance without breaking a superlong nail.

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